Powder Room Inspiration


New Orleans Print collage


In my previous post “The Big Easy”  I shared with you some of my vacation photos that I had put into an Ap called Waterlogue.  This Ap turns ordinary photos into watercolors!  Lurve it!  I loved them so much that they have given me inspiration for my powder room up-date! Here is a sneak peek at the up-coming powder room re-do:


New Orleans Print frame 2


I was at Hobby Lobby and came across these awesome frames!  Love how thick they are – these babies have some visual weight, which I love!


New Orleans Print Frame


To make them even more perfect they were on the 80% isle.  Yep ! $5.00 whole dollars!!!!!  My deal of the week, maybe the month!


New Orleans Prints


After I had printed off the watercolors and put them in the frames, it was time to decide where to hang them.  Yeah, I know some days I have a plan and some days I just roll with it.  I wanted them someplace that I would see them all of the time and be reminded of what a wonderful trip we had.  And then it hit me – the powder room!


New Orleans Print Paint color


I began looking through my paint decks for the perfect color to coordinate with pictures and quickly chose Sherwin Williams Raindrop.  Which was a miracle and so appropriate!  A miracle that I chose a paint color that quickly and appropriate because it rained – I mean really RAINED – every day we were there!

That’s it for now!  I can’t wait to share the finished room with you!

until next time….

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