Everyday Kitchen Countertops

Everyday Kitchen

Happy Friday! Today my friend Terrie from Decorate And More With Tip and I are in the kitchen styling our everyday kitchen countertops! I have to say that it feel so good to get everything decorated and back in place after the holidays. Because we all know that Spring and Easter are just around the corner and new decor will be going up soon! ha!

Low kitchen shelving

Low Shelving

On the side of the peninsula I’ve hung 2 small shelves that I love!

It’s so fun to add color in an all white kitchen!

kitchen decor

The Stove Side Countertops

Yesterday, I shared the peninsula eating area with a fun everyday brunch place settings

(and coffee bar).

So Let’s start there and move around to the stove side countertops.

To the left of the stove I’ve got a fun Roundtop holder with a Roundtop charm.

I keep napkins out for easy use and I have a wooden cutting board there also that I use as a hot pad.

Let's eat sign

The stove area only has two things for decor.

The Let’s east sign directly above the stove and a wreath on the vent hood.

Kitchen utensils

To the right of the stove I’ve placed my utensils in pretty canisters.

I’m a firm believer that decor can be functional as well as pretty!

Roman shades over the kitchen sink

The Sink Side of The Kitchen

On the sink side of the kitchen we recently replaced the pantry door.

Nothing fun, just utilitarian.

And added new Faux Roman Shade – you can see how I did that here.

Kitchen shelf decor

Below the shelving I’ve got a new cake stand which is the smaller one of a set.

I added in a vintage creamer to place my rings and watch while doing the dishes.

A white scrubby holder that matches my white dishes was a gift from my sister this year.

It’s so pretty I’m afraid to use it!

Kitchen decor

On the right side of the sink I keep useful things.

Again pretty as well as functional.

I have my paper towel holder, cookie jar and this sign.

The sign says clean on one side, then rotates to the back side where it says dirty.

Just a reminder to my family when it’s safe to put the dishes into the dishwasher! ha!

Kitchen canisters and platter

My canisters, which a large, fill up the corner area.

While a new plater that matches my blue and white dish pattern looks pretty good displayed on an easel.

Kitchen Island decor

The Island

The Island is one of my favorite spots to decorate!

This time I have started with a white tray ( easy to pick this vignette up and move it around).

On top of that is the larger cake stand that matches the small one by the sink.

A blue and white piece of pottery and more of my  Mud Pie collection.

Everyday Kitchen

I hope that you enjoyed a quick tour  of my everyday kitchen countertops.

If you’d like to see a video you can see one here.

Don’t forget to head on over to Terrie’s to see what her kitchen countertops look like all decorated!

Terrie Countertops

Decorate And More With Tip

Be sure and check back on Monday when we will have a complete tour of our Kitchen and Breakfast room areas for you!

Until next time….


Everyday Kitchen Counters

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