Faux Roman Shade

roman shade in the kitchen

Hay y’all! Today my friends Terrie, Corine and I are all sharing a fun DIY! I have a tutorial on how to make a faux Roman shade. Super easy, fun and looks just like the real thing.

Roman shade supplies


Fabric – I found mine at Hobby Lobby ( on sale $4.99 a yard!)

Trim – Hobby Lobby

Liner- Hobby Lobby

Sewing machine or Heat N Bond Tape

Needle and Thread

1/2″ rings


L Brackets

1 x 2 board

Staple gun and staples

measuring for roman shade

Step 1

Measure the window.

My window is 34 x 35.

To find the length I had to decide how big I wanted the finished window to be.

IN this case I wanted the valance to go 10 inches above the window.

I needed 3 inches to attach the shade to the  board and another two inches at the bottom for a hem.

For the width I started with the 35 inches width and added 4 inches to each side.

2 inches for the shade to go past the window and 2 inches for a hem.

For the lining I cut it the dimensions of the finished curtain.

side seams on shade

Step 2

Starting with the sides, fold over the edge 1 inch and press, then fold over again.

Do this to both sides.

Place the lining in between both of the pressed edges.

Pin and sew the sides.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can always use Heat N Bond tape to secure the fabric.

bottom hem on the roman shade

Step 3

Next, hem the bottom.

Turn the edge up 1/2 inch, press.

Turn the pressed edge again 1 1/2 inch press.


Adding trim to the roman shade

Step 4

Now it’s time to add trim to the front of the shade.

Again you can sew it on or used a heat and bond tape.

tying the rings together

Step 5

Now it’s time to sew on the 1/2 rings.

I wanted 4 rows of rings each with 5 rings across.

The placement on these will vary as each shade is a different size.

Once you have marked where you want the rings, sew them on.

Then using cording or ribbon, tie all the rings together that are in a vertical straight line.

This creates the folds.

roman shade

Step 6

This is what the finished shade will look like.

stapling shade to a board

Step 7

Attaching the shade to a board.

I used a 1 x 4 board.

Lay the shade with the lining side up.

Lay the board onto the fabric leaving 3 inches of fabric at the top.

Pull the fabric up and over to the back side of the board and staple across the board.

L bracket for hanging a roman shade

Hang the Shade

I decided to hang the shade 10 inches above my window.

I hung L Brackets one inch inside of my outside shade measurement above the window.

Once that was done I attached the board with the shade on it to the L Bracket.

Roman Shade

Faux Roman Shade

This is the finished Faux Roman Shade.

To see a video on how to make these shades, you can see it here.

Don’t forget to head on over to Terrie’s and Corine’s to see what their DIY’s!


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Thanks for sewing with me!

Until next time…


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