Fall Dining Room Table

This or That

Hi! Welcome to another week of Decorate With Us the Fall series where Terrie from Decorate And More With Tip and I are sharing our Fall dining room table with you.

I gotta tell you that when I asked my FaceBook followers to help me  choose between This or That and help me decide on how to decorate my Fall table,  I had no idea how close it would be!

By a squeaky margin THAT won!

So that’s how I will be decorating my Fall dining room table.

table square

I started with this table square that I made many years ago.

I love the pattern and all of the beautiful fall oranges, browns, and greens with a touch of turquoise.


Once my table square was on, it wast time for my place settings.

pumpkin plate stack

I started with this Better Homes and Garden placemat from Walmart.

They didn’t carry them anymore however here are some that are super cute!

This placemat is so pretty and has a ton of texture that reminds me of Fall.

Next an orange charger hosts a white hob nail plate and pumpkin salad plate!

Fall placesetting

I added a turquoise napkin and napkin ring with a matching turquoise glass to my plate stack.

Again this napkin was unavailable but I love these!

Followed by gold flatware.

If this place setting doesn’t remind you of fall I don’t know what will.

wreath with wooden lift blocks

For my centerpiece I used a wreath that I usually hang on my door placed in the center of my table.

My plan was to nestle a pumpkin in the middle of the wreath, but it sank to far down.

Halloween signs to the rescue.

I place two of these wooden signs stacked in the center of the wreath.

Pumpkin centerpiece

Then placed my pumpkin on top of them.

Which made the pumpkin the perfect height.

floral arrangement

The last thing I added to my table may just be my favorite thing!

So simple and easy but had the most visual impact for me – I added fresh flowers in mini pumpkin mugs!

Fall Table decor

That’s it for my Fall dining room table, now please join me in visiting Terrie to see what her dining room table looks like!

Terrie Tipler dining table

Decorate And More With Tip

Until next time…


fall dining table

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  1. Looks absolutely beautiful, so bright and lovely. Great choice of colors to decorate with. Can’t wait until your home tour!

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