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Dollar Tree wine glass

Hey y’all! Today I’m taking a little break from decorating for Fall and doing a quick makeover for Halloween.  I’ve got a quick and easy Pottery Barn hack for you!

I was recently at the Dollar Tree and came across these skeleton hand wine glasses.

My first thought was “cute, but not for me.”

I love fun, sweet Halloween decor, but hate anything that is creepy, gory, or overtly spooky.

However, I’m always on the lookout for fun, affordable Halloween dishes for my table.

Pottery Barn Wine glass

Then I remembered this Pottery Barn wine glass and others like it that I had seen.

Could I take the Dollar Tree Glass and make it look like the PB one?

For $1.25 I felt like it was worth giving it a try!

makeover supplies

I knew I wanted to paint it, but I wasn’t sure with what.

When I was looking through my paint supplies, I found these Arteza paint pens and the silver one was the perfect color.

However, it’s acrylic, not oil so imagine my surprise that it actually adhered to the plastic of the cup!

painting the skeleton hand silver

The trick of painting on the plastic was to do as long, even stokes as possible.

cleaning paint off of a glass

The upside to using these paint pens is that if I got paint on the glass part I could wipe it off using a Q-Tip.

As long as I got it immediately!

painting black onto a glass

Once the silver had thoroughly dried, I added black paint to the joints of the hand.

Then I  immediately smeared the line using a Q-Tip.

This makes it looked antiqued.

painting sealer on glass

After the silver paint had dried for a few days, I painted an acrylic paint sealer over the hand.

So how did it turn out?

skeleton hand

Not too shabby!

Is it perfect? No.

But the PB  version is $19.50 each.

Dollar Tree version is $1.25 plus supplies, which was pennies.

skeleton wine glass and plate

Would I be happy with these if I used them everyday?

Meh…probably not.

However, since I will probably only use these once a year I’ll take he $1.25 version please.

skeleton wine glass and plate

All in all I think this is a fun, inexpensive makeover that looks way more expensive than $1.25!

And they are going to look so cute on my table.

Keep a look out for the rest of my Fall decorating AND a I have a few more Halloween crafts coming soon.

Until next time…..


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