Fall Front Porch

I dream of a big front porch. One that is big enough to have on outdoor living area. Unfortunately, here at the castle, we have a very small front porch. It’s hard to decorate. So when it came time for a fall front porch, well – was a challenge for sure!

Fall front porch 1.4


I found this really great planter with awesome grasses and mums at our local Wal Mart. You have to remember it is still 90 degrees here in Texas. We are really limited in our plant choices for fall until around Thanksgiving.  I added my light up Candy sign and I am ready for fall and Halloween!

I really wanted to do the whole stack several pumpkin thing in a really awesome planter, but let’s face it – it’s so hot all I would have in about three days is pumpkin soup. So a few pumpkins that I can trade out when I need to work for me!

fall front porch 1.2


My front door decor hasn’t changed much the past few years. I have a leaf light up garland that is reminiscent of the fall we don’t have here. The wreath is one of my all time favorites. I just love the color of it against the black front door. I  added a new ribbon and it is set to go through Thanksgiving!

fall front porch 1My planter  still has some flowers from summer going strong, so I pulled out the dead ones and added some cabbage and mums. Over time I will get rid of the summer flowers and add pansies when it gets cooler.

fall front porch 3

So here it is… not a lot of decor on my fall front porch – just enough to give me that fall feeling even if it is still 90 degrees!

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