Halloween Table

I see dots! All over my Halloween Table

Halloween Table 9

I didn’t plan on my Halloween table to have so many “dots”, but once I noticed that I was using quite a few, I just quit fighting it. The more the merrier, right?

Halloween table 2

Dots on the napkins and the plates.

Halloween table 3

There are even glitter dots on the spider napkin holders.

Halloween Table 7

We’re “batty” for dots. Sorry. I couldn’t resist! Remember I told you that I was falling in love with chair back decor? Well, this is one of the reasons why. I love these bats. And they were supper easy to make, just tie a knot out of your ribbon onto your chair back, pulling up “ears” out of the fabric. Cut half circles out of the bottom of the ribbon to form wings. Glue on googly eyes and you have bats for your chairs!

Halloween Table 8

So stinkin’ cute!

Halloween Table 5

The glasses all have dots. In one of my former careers, I painted wine glasses. I loved the Halloween ones so much that I kept quite a few. It’s a storage nightmare some days here, I tell ya!

Even the table runner has dots.

Halloween Table 4

About the only thing that doesn’t have dots on it is the glitter spiders that hang from the chandelier. They get a pass ’cause they are shiny and cute. Oh, and they jingle when they move…these are about the only spiders I love.

So what do you think? Too many dots? When you have a decorating plan and it starts going sideways like this one did, do you just roll with it, or freak and start over? I’d love to hear from you!

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