Fall in the Kitchen

Earlier this week I started pulling out fall decor for the castle.  I started decorating in the dining room and have moved on to fall in the kitchen.

Do you ever look around and think you have too much stuff? As I started decorating for fall, I felt like I was on overload. Too much going on!

With all of the “stuff”, I’ve decided to be more deliberate with my fall decor. I realize that I don’t have to cover ever inch of my home in fall. I could just put a little here and there and still have that warm fall look.

Of course, I started with my buffet. Just a few things taken out and a few fall pumpkins added! I love the nice clean simple look.

I recently read that you should only decorate with white pumpkins.  Don’t get me wrong, I love white pumpkins, but here in north Texas we don’t get much fall color. At all. We are lucky if we get an actual fall season.

I had to laugh at a friend of mine who told us that when her family was moving here from the east, she asked her real-estate agent if we had a harsh fall/winter. Her agent replied “Yes, two weeks of it and not all at the same time.” So true.

So, forgive me, but I can’t help but be more attracted to the warm oranges, yellows and reds. If I can’t have an actual fall, I can try to create one.

Next up, my kitchen chalk board. Again, I went a little more simple with the design. Although, I have a secret embellishment on order for it that I will share with you as soon as it arrives!

My kitchen table holds a fall arrangement with fall leaves for placemats.

The area behind the kitchen sink host a fall vignette. I’m sure that as the fall season goes along this will change. It always does.

That’s it for fall in the kitchen. I’m may get a wild hair ( my Granny used to say that all of the time!) and decide to go for broke and bust out all of the fall decor, but today I’m holding back for a more refined, stream line approach.  At least for now.

Until next time….




  1. I love your kitchen!! We have a spot in our kitchen where my son wants me to put a chalkboard. I wasn’t exactly sure about that because I don’t have chalk skills but you’ve just convinced me. Your fall touches are perfect!

  2. Tammy, that looks perfect to me. Never apologize for what you love, and don’t let anyone dictate otherwise. I use that wild hair phrase, too. I need to get a wild hair so I’ll be motivated to even start to pull out fall things. 😛
    Have a good weekend.

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