New Lamps in the Living Room

I’ve got new lamps in the living room. I didn’t plan on buying new lamps, it just kind of happened.  Darn Labor Day sales!

If you are thinking that I could have just stayed home and saved myself some money, you would be wrong. I also bought a rug on-line!

If I were to describe my method of decorating it would be “if you give a mouse a cookie”. I replace one thing and that leads to replacing, painting, or refreshing something else. I don’t ever think that I have had a home where I wasn’t working on something.

Am I alone? Anyone else?

The living room refresh started with this clock. 

The new clock lead to these new sconces.

The new sconces led to rearranging the living room and adding this new sign.

Rearranging the living room led me to buy this floor lamp, which is hard to get a good picture of next to the window. It’s a beautiful distressed duck egg blue. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile, so when it went on sale I couldn’t buy it fast enough.

It even makes The Hubs worn plumb smooth leather recliner look good!

However, it really didn’t match the other lamps in the living room.

How I missed that before buying it I will never know.

Fast forward. I went to Michaels for a pumpkin craft project and saw a 25% off all clearance sign at a store a few doors down and couldn’t resist a little window shopping. Next thing you know, I have new lamps in the living room!

I found these pretty lamps. They match the new floor lamp. They were half off, plus another 25% off. Practically free right? Imagine my husbands eye roll here.

So I brought them home and now they proudly sit where my old black ones sat. They are a little taller than my old ones and have more visual weight, which I think that I like. With a few minor tweaks – more on that later – my new lamps may be a couple of my favorite additions to the living room.

Let the heavenly choir sing!  Now everything matches. Well, almost everything. Remember, I have a new rug coming soon. And the decor on top of the armoire needs to be painted or replaced…

See? If you give a mouse a cookie….

Until next time!



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    1. LOL! Thanks Siana! The game room has been painted the color for a few years now. It’s just that when the Queens come over at Christmas there is Soooo much going on that you don’t notice it.

  1. If you give a mouse a cookie is the best way to decorate! One thing makes you realize something else would be perfect and that’s how it all comes together. I’m with you!

    Now please tell me where to find that floor lamp!

    1. Stacey,
      I found the floor lamp at Kirklands. I hadn’t shopped there in awhile and decided to stop in a few months ago and there it was. It comes in the duck egg blue and they have a similar one in white. They are having a sale now…. lol!

    1. Rita,
      Thanks! I’m not sure I’m ever going to get rid of The Hubs chair…. as long as he likes it, it will definitely stay!

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