Fall Sofa Table And Built-ins

pumpkins in a dough bowl

Happy Tuesday! This is week 3 of the Decorate With Me  Fall series. This week it’s al about the living room. My friend Terrie from Decorate and More With Tip and I are starting off in the living room with our Fall Sofa Table and built-ins.

We both have videos on our Facebook pages as well as blog post with how we decorated and where we bought everything to decorate our rooms with.

Be sure and head on over to Terrie’s when you are finished here to see her table and shelves!

Fall sofa table

Let’s start with the sofa Table.

I started off with a dough bowl and filled it with some fall foliage and pumpkins that I painted all of the colors used in the family room.

Fall Sofa table

Sofa Table

With the dough bowl in the center of the table it left two holes on either side.

I used some blue and white vases that I had on either side of the bowl.

Adding a few fall stems and my sofa table is looking a little like Fall!

Fall Shelving

Built-in Shelves

Now let’s do the shelves!

The right hand side the shelves are bigger than the ones on the left.

Do to this I tend to do less items that are larger.

The largest piece I adde here was a Pumpkins for sale sign that I made a few years ago.

The pumpkins I added were all made from Dollar Tree pumpkins.

Fall decor on shelving

There are five shelves on the left hand side.

Since these are smaller, I use smaller items and try not to go over board.

Mostly I added pumpkins that I already had and painted the ones that I could.

The bottom shelf hosts a white pumpkin that I shared on a Facebook video.

pumpkins on shelves for fall

The rest of the shelves have painted pumpkins or velvet pumpkins.

The small green velvet pumpkins were part of a floral stem.

I just snipped the pumpkins off to use them in these vignettes.

Fall Shelving

Now you may be saying or thinking that the shelves are cute, but nothing outstanding.

It’s because my mantle, which is between these shelves, is the star of the show.

Which I will be happy to share with you on Friday!

Until then be sure and head on over to Terrie’s to see her beautiful table and shelves!

Terrie shelves

Decorate And More With Tip

Tomorrow we are sharing our coffee tables.

I hope to see you then!

Until next time…



Fall Sofa Table and Built-ins

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