Fall Coffee Table

fall coffee table 2022

Welcome to Decorate With Us Fall Series. Today we are doing “What’s On Your…. Coffee Table.”

My friend Terri from Decorate and More With Tip will be styling our living rooms for Fall this week so be sure to check in everyday to see what we are decorating.

Today we will be styling our Fall Coffee Tables 2022!

charcuterie board

The Base

Usually I use a basket or tray to “ground” my coffee table vignette.

Easy to remove for cleaning, game night etc.

However, this time I liked the idea of using warm wood tones.

So I dug out the charcuterie board that The Hubs made me.

You can pick up one of his boards here.

You can find more boards like this one here.

I love the unusual shape and how pretty it is.

blue and white vase

The Vase

Next, I places this blue and white chinoiserie jar directly in the center of the board toward the back.

I removed the lid and set it aside to use later as I was going to use the lower section for a vase.

I found this vase recently on 90% off at Hobby Lobby.

Here’s a similar one you might like.

vase with fall foliage


Fall Greenery

Next, I took a few fall florals and stacked them together and plopped them into the vase.

All florals were found at Hobby Lobby.

mini dough bowl

Mini Dough Bowl

Next, I placed a mini dough bowl to the right of the vase, slightly off center.

The mini dough bowl was purchased at Hobby Lobby on their 75% off sale this past season.

You can find a similar one here.

pumpkins in a dough bowl

Textured Pumpkins

Two textured pumpkins from the Dollar Tree go inside for a little color.

fall leaves

Fall Leaves

Since there was  a lot of wood going on I decided my fall coffee table needed a little color.

These fall leaves stems were the perfect solution.

I added a few stems to either side between the vase and the dough bowl.

These stems were part of a Fall bush that is at Michaels on sale 50% off right now.

fall coffee table vignette

The Final Touches

I added the blue and white jar lid to the left hand side to balance out the vignette.

Then draped a strand of wooden beads that I made earlier in the year over the end of the dough bowl.

I found the beads here and the jute here.

fall coffee table 2022

I couldn’t be happier with my Fall coffee table!

Please join me in visiting Terrie to see what her Fall coffee table looks like.

Terrie's fall coffee table

Decorate And More With Tip

Friday we will be wrapping up the living room by sharing our Fall Mantle.

Be sure and stop by so you don’t miss any of that!

Until next time….


Fall Coffee Table

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  1. A very nice decoration. It looks amazing. I think I should also try to make things more pretty like you. Thank you for sharing this amazing decoration process.

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