My favorite Spring Flower Arrangement

Have you seen Southern Living’s floral arrangement video on Facebook? It may be my favorite spring flower arrangement ever! It’s so fresh, fun and looked so easy that I had to try making one for myself!

So I gathered all of the supplies that I would need and got to work!

Here’s the list of supplies you will need:

Flowers – they used tulips, snapdragons and hyacinth. All of which I couldn’t find. So I went with ones I loved.





Remove the outer layers of cabbage that are curled. Save these as you will need them later.

Next, lay your jar on top of your cabbage. Using a sharpie, draw around the the outside of the jar.  Using a knife, cut out there inside of the circle.

This creates an opening to hold the jar.

This is the part that I have never done before. Cut the individual groups of flowers the same length and tie them with a rubber band.

Place them inside of the jar.

Now grab those loose, curly pieces of cabbage that you removed earlier. The video shows arranging them back onto the outside of the cabbage. I tried this and couldn’t get them to stay. So I did what any crafty  girl would do. I  used green sewing pins and pined the leaves to the cabbage!

Surprisingly, this works really well!

TA DA! My favorite spring flower arrangement turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.  I really wanted the same flowers that were in the Southern Living video, but these worked out okay too.

I will probably do this arrangement again closer to Easter.  When I do, I will head on over to the Fort Worth Flower Mart and get the exact flowers that I want for that one.

I have to admit to being somewhat skeptical about just rubber banding the flowers and popping them in to create an arrangement, but it really worked. Crazy. The hardest part about this entire arrangement was cutting out the center of the cabbage. Not that hard at all!

If you are looking for a super cool and easy DIY flower arrangement, then you should try this one. Who knows? My favorite spring flower arrangement just might be yours too!


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    1. Thank you Rita! If you make one let me see the pictures. I love seeing how everyone else’s projects turn out – it gives me great ideas!

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