Feature Friday- finally!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done Feature Friday. With all of this cold weather it’s been almost impossible to get out in the workshop garage and actually paint!  So I’ve been inside working on all sorts of fun projects!

My friend Shelli called me wanting to know if I wanted some furniture items.  Of course I said Yes! One of these items was an old hand made bread box. I was so excited because I knew it would make an amazing charging station.

First thing – of course- was paint. I know- your shocked! I used ASCP in Graphite on the outside.



And ASCP Duck Egg on the inside!

Followed by a little  distressing, wax and a cute new knob and this is the final result:


This is how you will usually find all my electronic devices:


Either in the kitchen, living room end table or on my nightstand! And that’s just my stuff. It isn’t a pretty sight!


This bread box came with an adjustable shelf.  Perfect for my laptop, IPad, iPhone and Kindle!


I just love how you can shut the door on all the devices and cords ( my pet peeve – seeing cords everywhere! Drives. Me. Crazy!)  Now all you see is a pretty box! I also love that I have reused something instead of buying something brand-new that likely wouldn’t be made nearly as well.

Now this piece isn’t as fancy as some of my other pieces.  I thought about painting a monogram on the door, or even putting a vinyl design on the door that could be changed on a whim.  But I like that it is versatile enough that I can move it to almost any room in my house and it will work well with the decor.

For now, it will be in my kitchen, by my calendar hiding all of my crazy clutter.  Ya gotta love that!


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