Pretty Little Boxes

At some point someone in my family ordered a couple thousand  dozen cigar boxes. I’m not sure why or what they planned to use them for but we still have them. LOTS  of them! Talk about a hot mess…

After about a year of them being in the Hubs office in a great big box, I decided they weren’t doing anyone any good and something had to be done with them. I mean I’ve seriously been dusting a box of boxes! Crazy much?


I took three different sizes, got out my paints, scrapbooking paper scraps, and glue and went to work.  After giving each box a coat of paint, I then took some scrapbook paper and lined the inside of a few of the boxes.



After the paint had dried it was time to attach the knobs.  These boxes lids are pretty thin, so depending on the knobs I had chosen for each box, I either drilled a hole in the lid and attached the knob or simply glued the knob on after deciding on the knob placement.




I then put on a protective coat of wax on each box.  Don’t want to mess with waxing?  You could always use a polyurethane top coat.

I could have stopped here – and I did on some of the boxes, but on a couple oI decided to take it to the next level by stenciling on a design.


Here are my finished boxes!

The duck egg blue box holds my dryer sheets and looks too darn cute in my laundry room!  It is so pretty that it almost makes me want to do more laundry – almost!

IMG_1889The black, more masculine box would be great for a jewelry box, gift box or maybe a family keepsake box.

The turquoise one is going to be a gift box for a friends birthday present. Much better than the bags I usually throw together.

These boxes are the perfect snowy / rainy day project for me!  Quick and easy, and you can let your imagination run wild!!



  1. Love you cigar boxes! Wonderful ideas. I must admit I am jealous you have such a stash? Where on earth did you find them. They are like gold to a crafter!

    1. Thanks! Not really sure where my hubs ordered the cigar boxes, but I am sure that it was on-line! Sorry I can’t give you more info!

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