Feature Friday – My Beautiful Turquoise Hutch

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Hi! It’s beautiful sunny weather here in Texas!  Which means I can finally get back to painting.  So. Darn. Excited!!!

So if you didn’t know already I have painted my kitchen two or three( or maybe four?) times in 8 years.  For reals!  The time before last I was tired of this really pretty, creamy tan that was faux finished. I was in the mood for color so I painted it this really bright lime green.  I loved it.  For awhile.  When the kitchen was painted lime green I bought an old china hutch and painted black.  I also painted my kitchen cabinets black at that time and realized I needed a pop of color in there. So I painted the hutch this really mag turquoise, distressed in black.  And I truly LOVED it.

Over time the lime green wore on me a little bit. I still liked it, but it was a bit much for everyday.  So I painted the kitchen a light lemony yellow.  Still.. something didn’t quite fit.  Ya know?  I tried to sell  it to myself that everything looked fabulous, but when it’s not right – you know it’s not right! I knew that the turquoise color was just a bit too bright compared to everything else in the room but the thought of painting the hutch, well… I just didn’t want to do it. Again! ( did I mention that before it was turquoise it was black? Yes, you see a pattern here!)


This is how it looked yesterday… so pretty!  But so wrong! So I got out my paint and got busy!  I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg..one of my fav’s!  After it dried I distressed it and used clear and black wax to seal and protect the piece.  Here is what it looks like now –



IMG_5279IMG_5284IMG_5284I left a little of the turquoise showing through.. and I like that it gives it depth and creates several colors. IMG_5284The difference is really quite subtle but, now it is perfect!  It has the same color value as the rest of the room and while I loved the turquoise.. the Duck Egg is perfect!

I am always amazed how the little details can change everything in a room!  So the next time your room isn’t quite working for you, pay attention to the details!



Tammy from Patina and Paint