Feature Friday – My Beautiful Turquoise Hutch

Hi! It’s beautiful sunny weather here in Texas!  Which means I can finally get back to painting.  So. Darn. Excited!!!

So if you didn’t know already I have painted my kitchen two or three( or maybe four?) times in 8 years.  For reals!  The time before last I was tired of this really pretty, creamy tan that was faux finished. I was in the mood for color so I painted it this really bright lime green.  I loved it.  For awhile.  When the kitchen was painted lime green I bought an old china hutch and painted black.  I also painted my kitchen cabinets black at that time and realized I needed a pop of color in there. So I painted the hutch this really mag turquoise, distressed in black.  And I truly LOVED it.

Over time the lime green wore on me a little bit. I still liked it, but it was a bit much for everyday.  So I painted the kitchen a light lemony yellow.  Still.. something didn’t quite fit.  Ya know?  I tried to sell  it to myself that everything looked fabulous, but when it’s not right – you know it’s not right! I knew that the turquoise color was just a bit too bright compared to everything else in the room but the thought of painting the hutch, well… I just didn’t want to do it. Again! ( did I mention that before it was turquoise it was black? Yes, you see a pattern here!)


This is how it looked yesterday… so pretty!  But so wrong! So I got out my paint and got busy!  I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg..one of my fav’s!  After it dried I distressed it and used clear and black wax to seal and protect the piece.  Here is what it looks like now –



IMG_5279IMG_5284IMG_5284I left a little of the turquoise showing through.. and I like that it gives it depth and creates several colors. IMG_5284The difference is really quite subtle but, now it is perfect!  It has the same color value as the rest of the room and while I loved the turquoise.. the Duck Egg is perfect!

I am always amazed how the little details can change everything in a room!  So the next time your room isn’t quite working for you, pay attention to the details!




  1. Help can you please please tell me what turquoise you used on your hutch? First it was black then you used a turquoise then ended redoing in duck blue… Love love it!, it was a Friday post.

    1. Kim,
      I am so embarrassed to tell you that I painted the hutch turquoise before I was blogging and before I found chalk paint. So I didn’t keep track of what I used. A mistake that I will not EVER make again.Hopefully! I get this question a lot. Wish I could share and pass on the love. So sorry. Thanks for stopping by!

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