Friday Fave’s

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Friday Fav's

Every once in awhile I share with you a few of my favorite finds. Things that are life changing, things that I just like or things that are useful.  Today’s Friday Fave’s are no different. I’ve got something that is life changing – well, it’s not a cure for the pandemic or anything, but it has changed the way I do my daily face routine. The rest just make me happy.

eye cream


Fun Fave #1:

Let’s start with the life changing.

This eye cream by LilyAna Naturals.

I found this by watching The Rambling Redhead.

A 40 something woman was sharing that every night she put a pea sized drop on the back of her left hand, using her right hand to apply.

Not only did she not have crows feet, but she didn’t have wrinkles on her left hand.

However, she did on her right hand.


Why I love it:

It’s super lightweight, not heavy.

Makes my dry lines disappear.

Do all of my crows feet disappear?

Nope. I think I should have started this in my 20’s.

silicone face and body scrubs

Fun Fave #2:

Next up, silicone face and body mitts.

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this.

I have never felt so clean and scrubbed as I have after using these.

Why I love it:

It’s super soft so you don’t get that ” I just exfoliated with a brillo pad” feel.

BUT the best part?

To clean it, you just toss it in the dishwasher.

No more bacterial or soap build up like some sponges or brushes.


monogramed link bracelet

Fun Fave #3:

This is a fun find.

Actually KariAnn Wood from Thistlewood Farm found it for me.

This monogramed link bracelet is so cute.

Why I love it:

It’s light weight, which is great in the summer, it looks great with just about anything and you can choose from several styles of monogram fonts.

Pink Armor Nail Gel

Fun Fave #4:

Y’all know I love me some Color Street nails.

Because I am always painting something and my hands are always in water my nails take a beating so I put a top coat on my nail strips to help them last longer.

My sis-in-law recommended Pink Armor topcoat.

Boy was she right!

I bought mine at Wal Mart, but you can also find it in the link above.

Why I love it:

Long lasting.

Much better than the gel polish topcoat I have been using!

Frixion pens

Fun Fave #5:

And last, but not least Frixion pens.

I asked for a Rocketbook for Christmas and these were the pens recommended to use with it.

Fast forward to me taking a lettering class and guess what they used?

Fixion pens!

Why I Love it:

The ink disappears when you heat it up.

So instead of using a pencil to sketch or draw and pray that the lines disappear.

They usually don’t.

I use these, then when I’m ready to erase, I simply use my craft heating gun and they totally disappear.

Gotta Love that!


That’s it for today’s Friday Fave’s.

I hope that you will love them as much as I do.

Until next time…Friday Favorites                                              If you love it, be sure to PIN it!


Tammy from Patina and Paint


    1. Karen the only place I’ve seen the eye cream is at Amazon. It’s a medium price range, but I’ve been using it since February and it’s still going strong. A little goes a long way!

    1. I’m sorry I thought I linked the eye cream. Will change that for sure. I found it on Amazon. It’s a medium price range, but I have been using it since February and it’s still going strong. A little goes a long way. It feels super light, which I love. I hate when moisturizers are super heavy.

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