Painted Door Hangers

painting a door hanger

Even though I don’t want to do the whole pandemic thing over,  it certainly wasn’t all bad. I took the opportunity to take a few art classes, start brush lettering again and I signed up to do something 3 times a month that  I never had the time to do before.  Make painted door hangers.

We’ve all seen the cute door hangers on Pinterest and on the doors of perfect houses in our neighborhood.

So cute!

But taking the time to learn to use a jig saw and cut them out, then paint them, then seal and hang them?

Well, I just never seemed to find the time.

Easter door Hanger

Then one day I saw Lisa Miller of Creative Canvas by you telling everyone about her new on-line classes and  how to join her inner circle.

I had watched Lisa paint on-line many times, but never thought to join up and learn all things door hangers.

Then one day I thought, why not?

This cute Easter truck door hanger was one of the very first things we painted in our class.

watering can door hanger

I’ve enjoyed every second of being a member of her inner circle.

Every Thursday night at 8:00 CST I jump on facebook and watch a tutorial on how to paint the latest door hanger.

mason jar hanger

I’ve learned new skills, such as how to use a jig saw.

I’m feeling pretty confidant about cutting out the hangers.

rain boot door hanger

There’s only one downside to making these cute door hangers.

I paint 3 a month.

I never thought about how many that would end up being over a years time.

watermelon door hanger

And that’s only if I don’t go into the archives and download previous patterns.

Cause you know I can’t help myself if I see a super cute one.

flamingo door hanger

I do have a solution though.

My friends and family are the proud ( or maybe the reluctant) recipients of door hangers!

You get a door hanger and you get a door hanger and you….

Well, you get the idea.

popsicle door hanger

This is my latest door hanger that I finished just yesterday.

I LOVE it!

But most of all I love that I’ve learned a new form of art.

Proving that an old dog CAN learn new tricks.

And that painted door hangers aren’t that hard to make after all.

And it doesn’t hurt that the door hangers are super cute either…

Until next time….

Painted door hanger

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    1. Actually Dee I’ve thought about selling them, however the cost to ship is more than I expected. For me to make and ship they would have to come in at around $35.00 and I’m not sure about that price point.

    1. thanks Karen! I’ve thought about selling them. However, the cost to ship is more than I expected it to be. I might think about doing so locally…. goodness knows they are starting to pile up! lol I do love making them though!

  1. Tammy these are adorable. It’s hard to say which is a favorite. But if I had to choose it’s the watering can. Girl you are talented with a brush.

    1. Thanks so much Cindy. I have really had a great time making them. Good thing as I will be making a lot of them between now and the end of the year.

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