Friday Favorites

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Friday Favorites

With the holiday season approaching I’m  going to start posting a few of my favorite things on Fridays. Friday Favorites.  Lately I’ve found a few things here and there that I love and thought that you might like them too!

colrstreet nails

Number 1:

Colorstreet Nail Strips

These nail strips are amazing.

The last time I bought nail strips they had to be heated to adhere to your nails.

Not great, at all!

These nail strips  are so easy to apply AND they stay on an average of 10 days.

Want to try a set?

Let me know and I’ll share my consultant.

colorstreet nails

P.S.: They have the CUTEST Halloween sets that just dropped!

Coming soon are their Thanksgiving and Christmas sets.

They also have a huge selection of plain, glitter and french nail sets.

LOVE them.

heat resistant silicone pocket

Number 2:

For those of you who travel this silicone heat resistant sleeve is amazing.

You can immediately put your iron into the sleeve and cannot feel the heat on the outside.

Which makes putting it into your suitcase when it’s hot a breeze!

I use mine on the bathroom counter to keep the heat away from the marble.

Works like a charm.

bath and body hand soap

Number 3 and 4:

Bath and Body.

I LOVE their new Halloween and Fall scented hand soaps.

My favorite?

Candy Corn Treats.

Not sure that it smells like Candy Corn, but it does smell yummy!

wall flower plugin

Another favorite – This Wallflower plug in.

It doubles as a night light and is so pretty all lit up!

Nonna Pia's basalmic glaze

Number 5:

If you haven’t tried this balsamic glaze, you don’t know what you are missing.

My favorite use for it  is on a salad.

Lettuce, avocado, tomato, a shake or two of Everything But the Bagel, and a drizzle of Nonna Pia’s and you have yourself the best low cal, healthy lunch!

St. Augustine hand sanitizer

Number 6:

St. Augustine Distillery makes this hand sanitizer that is just the best!

I found mine at Total Wine and More.

I like it because it sprays on, has no scent and disappears immediately when you rub your hands together.

Make sure you get the spray, their gel has an unusual scent that is not my favorite.


That’s it for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Next week I’m sharing my favorite clothing.

HINT: I found the most comfortable lounging/ sleep pants for under $20.00!

Until next time…


Tammy from Patina and Paint

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