Faux Sweater Pumpkin

October DIY Challenge

Welcome to October’s DIY Challenge.  If you are coming here, from  Corine’s Junk to Gems, I’m so happy that you are here! This month Terrie of Decorate and More With Tip asked us to give all of you lots of pumpkin inspiration. So that’s just what we did! Today I’m sharing  how to make a Faux Sweater Pumpkin.


pumpkin, yarn

I’m sure all of you have seen those gorgeous  sweater covered pumpkins.

So pretty.

All you have to do is cut up an old sweater and cover the pumpkin.

But what if you don’t have an old sweater?

Dollar Tree pumpkin

Well, you create a pumpkin out of yarn!

Here is how you turn a plain little Dollar tree pumpkin into a beautiful faux sweater pumpkin.

stem removal rom pumpkin

Step 1:

Remove the pumpkin stem.

Which is super easy as it is only attached with a toothpick.

cutting hole in pumpkin

Step 2:

Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin.

painting pumpkin

Step 3:

Paint the Pumpkin.

I recommend painting the pumpkin a color close to the yarn you will be using.

Your yarn will leave “holes” where the pumpkins color can peek through.

yarn collage

Step 4:

Braid the yarn.

I started off by cutting 9 – 26′ pieces of yarn for each braid.

Gather the 9 strands at the top and tie them off.

Then divide the 9 strands into 3 groups.

Keeping the yarn flat braid the 3 groups together.

Tie off the bottom of the braid just like you did the top.

You will need approximately 10 – 12 braids per pumpkin, depending upon the yarn you use.

wrapping yarn around pumpkin

Step 5:

Apply the braids to the the pumpkin.

Put one end of the braid into the hole of the pumpkin, then wrap around the pumpkin and place the tail of the braid into the hole.


yarn wrapped pumpkin

Keep doing this until the pumpkin is completely covered in braids.

wine cork, pumpkin

Step 6:

Give the pumpkin a stem.

Add a wine cork or tree branch to the top of the pumpkin.

Just stick it into the hole, the braids will hold the stem in place.

Step 7:

Add leaves to the pumpkin.


I chose to add these felt leaves, but really any leaf would do.

To attach them I cut out the felt, gathered the end and hot glued it to a piece of wire.

Once dry, I stuck the wire into the pumpkin hole.

As with the stem, the braids will hold the leaves in place.

faux sweater pumpkins

I made a couple of the faux sweater pumpkins.

One with a variegated yarn and another with a chenille yarn.

Both are cute, but the variegated is my favorite!

It really does look like a cable knit sweater.

I’m a big fan of the faux sweater pumpkin.

No more looking for sweaters to cut up and it’s fun and easy to make!


Now, I hope that you will join me and visit Carol at Bluesky at Home.

I can’t wait to see what pumpkin inspo she’s cooked up!

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faux sweater pumpkins

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  1. I love these! I love the color! I love that you’re not cutting up a good sweater… These would be great for the Teal Pumpkin project (about food allergy awareness).

    1. Thanks Liberty. I love the teal color too and you are right it would be fun for the Teal Pumpkin project. Never thought of that!

  2. Tammy, those are really cute! I’m thinking Eleanor (my granddaughter) would love to make one of those. 🙂 Thank you for the idea.

    1. Karen I’m sure Eleanor would love it and its an easy – mostly no mess project. Have fun and send me picks of Eleanors pumpkins!

  3. You had me at teal, Tammy! Oh my goodness, LOVE the colors you chose, and your pumpkins are SUPER cozy for fall!

    1. Thanks Terrie! I know how to crochet – and honestly thought about crocheting a pumpkin but this was just so easy.

    1. Jodi, they would look good with your denim pumpkin! I need to make some denim ones to go with these. I’d love to see your when you are done!

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