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Garden Chair Makeover – Again

Chair 3

Yay! It finally stopped raining so I can get out into my yard and start planting, pruning, rearranging and enjoying the sunshine.  This is my favorite time of year. Today I gave my garden chair a makeover – again!

fall porch 3It’s not the first time this garden chair has had a makeover, and it probably won’t be the last either. This is what my chair looked like last year… well, at least it did when I decorated for fall. For the life of me I can’t find the original pic of when I first painted this chair. Mental note: photo re-organization in my future!

chair 1

As you can see Mother Nature took a big toll on this sweet chair in the last year. Time for a little TLC!


My plan was to do a little light sanding to chip away any peeling paint and spray paint a solid  bright, happy blue color onto the chair. However, as I was spray painting the happy blue color I could still see some of the turquoise color from last year peeking through.  If you look at the front seat area of the chair you can just see what I mean in the pic above. I gotta tell ya, I LURVED it.

So… plan B. I embraced the two tone colors, sanded it down a bit in places to enhance the turquoise  to let it shine through a little bit more. I gave it a polyacrylic top coat and TA DA!!!! My garden chair makeover was done. I love a happy accident, don’t you?

One other tiny adjustment that I made was the depth of the chicken wire bowl that holds the soil and the plants. Last year it was way too deep. So deep that when it was filled with dirt and flowers it hung down and rested on the wooden cross piece.  Way too heavy. So I made it smaller and so far it is functioning much better.

I can’t wait for the plants to grow and fill in, it’s going to be so pretty….Now all that is left is finding the perfect spot for it. Did I mention that I love this time of year?

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