Sneak Peek of the Garden

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Garden 1.1On the rare day that it isn’t raining here at the castle, I am working in the yard. This has been the craziest spring ever. I have so many plans for outside that I can’t wait to get it done.  I am still in the middle of work but thought that I would give you a sneak peek of the garden!Garden 1

I started out by making these plant markers for the herb garden. I’ll share how I made them later.

Garden 5

Cleaned up the pond and fertilized the plants.

Garden 2

I’ve got the vegetable garden going. Aren’t these the cutest burlap bags to grow your veggies in? I found them at Hob Lob. They are plastic lined with grommet holes in the bottom for drainage. On sale I think they were about $10.00. They even have smaller ones for herbs.

Garden 4

I found these plant markers for my vegetables at Michaels. I like that I can change out the labeling from year to year. Plus they are cute!

garden 6

I won this sweet small birdbath at Pokeeno. Yay! Adding some stones ( that are suppose to glow in the dark- but don’t! Serious Pinterest fail!) for color and fun before putting it in the garden and adding water.

Garden 7

Changed out the Washi tape on the tops of the solar lanterns I made last year and added more of the not-so-glow-in-the-dark glass pebbles.  Planted a few plants to go inside of my patio crowns.

I haven’t gotten anything earth shattering done, heck with all the rain I’ve really just started! As I am writing this all I can think is that I am wasting time inside when I could be outside planting, digging and making my garden my happy place!

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