Garden Fairy Lights

Fairy lights at night

Happy Tuesday!  Have I ever mentioned that we are outdoor people? Living in Texas we can sit outside almost year round. In the Summer, I love sitting outside as the sun sets, watch a few lightning bugs and enjoy my garden. Which is why I recently added in some garden fairy lights to my vegetable garden.

fairy lights
Fairy Lights

I recently saw Traci from Beneath My Heart   add fairy lights to her vegetable garden trellises and it was magical!

So I hopped on Amazon and found these outdoor fairy lights!

They come two to a package, are programable and are solar powered.

raised bed with trellis


Last year I added this trellis – which is cow pane lthat I found at Tractor supply.

Once that was up I added grapevine wreath to the panel using zip ties.

adding fairy lights to grapevine


I found it helpful to unroll the fairy lights then re-wrap them around the color panel.

This made it much easier to wrap around the grapevine and the trellis.

I started on one side of the grapevine and started wrapping.

adding garden fairy lights to a trellis

Once I had wrapped the grapevine I started in on the trellis.

I wrapped the lights around each intersection on the cow panel – up and over- until the entire trellis had been wrapped.

It took both sets of garden fairy lights to just cover this entire trellis.

raised bed trellis

Once the trellis was wrapped I placed the solar panel onto a stake that came with the lights and put it in a nice sunny spot.

NOTE: be sure and turn it on and set it to the mode that you wish the lights to flash.

I chose them to be constantly lit.

I love that you can barely see the lights during the day time, but at night…..

Fairy lights at night


They really shine.

Before long this trellis will be covered in cucumbers and the lights will peek out at night with a fun twinkle.

Until next time…



Garden Fairy Lights

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