Laundry Room Haul

laundry room haul signs

Happy Friday!!! Today is all about the laundry room haul. Now some things in my haul I’ve had awhile, some are brand new. Mostly I’m sharing the brand new because Hob Lob is having a 75% off sale in home goods.

Y’all know I love a good sale!

So let’s start with the new stuff first.

wooden sign

Hobby Lobby Finds

Sign: $12.49

I wasn’t even looking for this sign when I found it!

It’s a little sad… wrong color for me, scratched and the clips hang crooked.

But I could see what she could look like with a little love, so I brought her home!

P.S. I looked online for links for these and couldn’t find any. Just head to the 75% off isle!

laundry room haul signs

Small Signs – $1.62 each

I normally run from theme items in a room.

Mainly because I move my decor from one room to another on a whim.

But these sweet little signs were so cute and I have just the place for them once they get a little facelift!

soap dish with wooden soap dish holder

Wooden candle holder – $5.49

This wooden candle holder may just be my favorite piece in the entire room!

Not only is it a pretty candleholder but it holds my soap dispenser too.

The soap dispenser was in my guest bath, but I’ve switched that up and put it in the laundry room.

It kept getting knocked over so this holder will be perfect to help keep it up right.

And it’s pretty too!

wooden candlesticks

Candlesticks – large: $6.74, Small: $5.49

I feel in love with these candlesticks before I even saw the price.

If they don’t work in the laundry room I have a ton of other spaces that they will.

Perfect to hold candles, greenery etc.

black rug, fluff and fold sign

Rug – $8.50 and Fluff and Fold sign – $ 2.49

I looked everywhere for a rug. EVERYWHERE.

And while this isn’t the colorful one that I wanted to match my curtains, it does match the room.

And the price is right.

The Fluff and fold sign I’m not sure that I will use it but again it was cute and was a great price!

Existing Items 

Now let me share with you items that I’ve thrifted or had in my stash for awhile.

Some I’ve shared with you before but I thought I’d add them in again in case you missed it.

This frame was a garage sale find.

All I had to do was print off an art print and it’s ready to roll.

floral fabric

PKL Studio Bright Pink Watercolor Floral Cotton Fabric -$4.99 a yard.

You can find it here.

I’ve had this awhile so when I went to find the link I was pleasantly surprised that it was at a reduced price.

Run, don’t walk if you want some!

magnetic hooks

Black Magnetic Hooks – $14.99 for 2

These hooks are a game changer for me.

I have a laundry basket that had no home.

It was on the countertop, on top of the washer, in my closet etc…until I found these and have a way to hang it on the side of the dryer.


laundry room haul signs

I hope that you enjoyed my laundry room haul.

And if you are in the market for new accessories or art you might check Hob Lob out as they have a ton of stuff on sale.l

Be sure and head on over to Terrie’s to see what she has for her laundry room!

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Until next time…


Laundry Room haul

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