Getting Organized

It’s no secret that this time of year everyone is working on getting organized. I’m right there with them!

As I go through each room I’m cleaning, decluttering, organizing and decorating.

Today I thought I’d focus on my haul for my art studio/ craft room.

To put it lightly – it’s a mess!

Large plastic woven baskets

Large Basket

These are one of my favorites – hands down.

Although the ones pictured are the lower, longer version as I couldn’t find the larger ones on-line these baskets are sturdy, and the perfect size for shelving.

I bought the white ones, but the navy ones were a close second for me.

These baskets come in at $3.00 – much cheaper than others the same size and quality that I found anywhere!

Candy Jars

These candy jars are some of my very fav’s too!

I’m using them for my ribbon scraps but can think of a ton of other things that they would be great for.

They are plastic – which I love – so they are durable and I love the shape.

I’m kicking myself that I only picked up 4!

They are $1.25 each so they are a bargain!

jar with lid

Glass Jars with Lids

I already had a few of these glass jars with lids and love them.

So I picked up a few more!

They are the perfect size for wooden beads, styrofoam balls, large jingle bells and so much more!

Again at $1.25 they are a steal.

Candy jar

Yogurt jars

Almost every morning I eat a vanilla Oui yogurt with a little granola sprinkled in.

Only one problem – I hate throwing away the jars!

But what to do with them?

Wooden yogurt lids

Wooden Yogurt Lids

Then I found these wooden yogurt lids and knew exactly what I needed to do with the jars.

Some I will be using in my kitchen – stay turned for that – and some will be in my art studio.

These ones are a little pricey so I wasn’t sure that I wanted to use them in my art studio.

Plastic yogurt lids

Plastic yogurt lids

And then I found these.

Let the Heavenly choir sing!

These are perfect for my jars.

rabbit wreaths

Easter Bunny Wreaths

Now I know this is a post about organization, but we all know that when you see something at the Dollar Tree you had better buy it or it won’t be there later.

With that in mind I thought that I would share a few Easter things I found starting with the Easter bunny wreath.

I bought the Easter Bunny head and I can’t wait to decorate with it.

And it only costs $5.00!

Bottle brush carrot

Carrot Bottle Brush Tree

I about swooned when I saw these carrot bottle brush trees!

They are a whopping 18″ and are so cute!

At $3.00 they were a steal!

Easter Ribbon

Last, but not least I found two rolls of Easter ribbon that I adore!

Mine are not featured here, but I love a few of these just as much as I do mine and will be on the look out for a few of these for sure!

These are $3.00 a roll and well worth every penny!

That’s it for getting organized haul – with a few Easter items sprinkled in.

If you’d like to see what I picked up I also have a video on Facebook with all of the items that you can see it here.

Until next time…


Getting Organized

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