Valentine Topiary

Valentine topiaries

Hey y’all! My friends Terrie from Decorate And More With Tip, Corine from Junk To Gems and I are all doing a DIY video today. You can see them all here. I chose to do a Valentine Topiary DIY!

tracing a heart onto styrofoam


I saw some topiaries on Pinterest that were cut out of Styrofoam, painted, and placed on dowel rods then were put into flower pots on a front porch.

So I had to make a couple for my front porch.

I recently purchased a new mirror that was shipped encased in thick styrofoam.

Perfect for hearts.

tracing a heart onto styrofoam

Step 1: trace a heart onto your styrofoam

Step 2: cut out the heart using a styrofoam cutting tool. 

To see how this works check out the video here.

Mod Podge

Step 3

Once you have your hearts cut out it’s time to prove the styrofoam to make it easier to paint.

I’m using a coat of Mod Podge for this.

vinyl lettering on heart

Step 4

Once the Mod Podge has dried, I applied some peel and stick vinyl lettering that I cut out on my Circuit machine.

painting styrofoam heart

Step 5

Paint your hearts.

I used three different colors of acrylic paint.

It was necessary to apply two coats for an even coverage.

removing vinyl lettering from heart


Just before the paint dries, remove your lettering.

If you let the paint dry it may become difficult to remove the lettering.

valentine topiary

Step 6

Place your hearts on to small dowel rods, place them in your planters and add ribbon!

Making your Valentine Topiary is just that easy!

Valentine topiaries

I love how the topiaries turned out and I can’t wait to make a wreath and finish out the front porch!

Now be sure and head on over to Terrie’s and  Corine’s to see what they are making today!

Until next time…..



Valentine Topiary

Pin For Inspiration!


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