Getting Ready for Memorial Day

As I was getting ready for Memorial day, I could not help but be thankful to all of the brave men and women who have served or are serving our country. There is not enough thanks in the world for what you do!


I’m a firm believer that getting ready for Memorial Day should be simple and easy. Here at the castle, we definitely have a low key Memorial Day.  Not a lot of decorating. More lets get together, have fun and eat some wonderful barbecue that the Hubs grills. Maybe swim or play a few games. I love every minute with my family!


Even though I want to be in the moment with my family, I also want to make things special.

The key for me is to do a little decorating and setting up ahead of time.

Starting with the front door! It’s the first thing that everyone sees, so I want it to shine.

I admit that I use a lot of the same decor as the 4th of July. With a few small changes.


I bought this for the fourth, but love it so much that I couldn’t resist using it for Memorial Day too!


Y’all know I love setting a fun, beautiful table.

In mind, Memorial Day always signals the beginning of summer.

My great aunt Helen’s picnic tablecloth was the perfect base for my Memorial Day table.


Next, I added navy placemats.


Of course, white plates.

My favorites.

Honestly, at this point I could have gone with paper plates. They make some really cute ones now days.

The real reason I didn’t may or may not have had anything to do with me being too lazy to go to the store.

Nope, I LOVE my white dishes.

Really, I do!


If you’ve followed me for very long you know that I love big, cute napkins.

Bandanas are sometimes the perfect napkin.

They have fun colorful patterns.

They wash well and iron easy.

I love that they are big enough to fit your lap.

And they are inexpensive!

These red ones are perfect with a fun blue gingham ribbon as a napkin ring.

mason jar

Mason Jars bring to mind my Dad’s side of the family.

He had farmers in his family.

I remember sitting on the farmhouse porch drinking sweet tea out of mason jars.

They are perfect for my tables low key theme!

Getting Ready for Memorial Day


A few fun things added to create a centerpiece and my Memorial Day table is done!

BBQ sign

These BBQ signs may not strictly be Memorial Day decor but they are a new addition to the backyard BBQ area.

Seems like everywhere I go there is a BBQ themed sign that I can’t resist bringing home.

Must resist!

The latest made me giggle so I knew it was coming home with me.

It’s perfect.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Until next time…..




  1. Can I ask where you go the “Married Me For My BBQ” sign? Saw one last month in a restaurant and thought I needed to have it – owner couldn’t remember where it came from but offered to sell it for waaaay more than it’s worth! Haven’t had any luck in finding one…

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