I’ve Updated My Privacy Policy

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Happy Friday morning to you!  Sorry that you are receiving the second blog post from me in one day, but I’ve got some important info for you! Yep, I’ve updated my privacy policy. I’m sure your inbox has been filled with this kind of notification over the  past few days from your favorite bloggers.

If you are really into this kind of thing you can go to my home page and find my privacy policy there. ( I did type my fingers to the bone writing that thing!) If you have better things to do, let me break it down for you!

Basically I’m just letting you know that we do collect data for my readers and marketing information so that we can email you blog posts, updates, related promos and offers.

You can always decide not to receive these materials from me, and can always unsubscribe from my emails easily.

Although I hope that you won’t!

I love visiting with you.

And I will NEVER  sell your personal data. Never. I promise.

Thanks for letting me share with you weekly!

Until next time….


Tammy from Patina and Paint

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