Getting Ready for the New Year

Today is overcast, cool and I’m a little under the weather. So what’s a girl to do? Why get in her yoga pants, sweat shirt and start getting ready for the New Year.

For as long as I can remember, I have decorated my calendar. Always. So when the new fad of journaling and decorating your calendars came along, I couldn’t jump on that band wagon fast enough!

There are a ton of fun and pretty planners out there, however I chose the Big Happy Planner. I like the big one since I don’t carry it with me and it has enough room for me to keep both my personal and business life in order.

So why did I choose the Happy Planner?

There are many, many reasons! Mainly, my Happy Planner makes getting ready for the New Year fun!

It’s also totally customizable. It comes as a blank slate and allows me to make it perfect just for me.

I love that it has a month at a glance, as well as daily/weekly pages.

As you can see, I use Washi tape, stickers and colored pens to decorate and record birthdays and upcoming events.

I use the monthly page to see my schedule at a quick glance.

On the daily/weekly pages I go into more detail for my daily schedule. This is where I really keep track of my to do list and manage my blog.

Some of my favorite features of the calendar, besides it being customizable, is that the pages are easily removed and replaced.

There are hard tag board monthly dividers that are so pretty and have inspirational quotes that make it easy to look up future or past events.

The calendar also has a handy pocket that helps me keep track of receipts, important papers, cards and stamps. As my Granny used to say, it’s as handy as a pocket on a shirt!

The Happy planner has a ton of accessories the you can purchase. This year my planner came with these sticky notes that are attached to a  removable plastic card.  I love these.  Instead of penciling it in, I just put a sticky note on it until I confirm the date.

Also, see the gold rings that the pages attach to? Those come in a ton of colors, just in case you want to change things up a bit.

This magnet is a book mark. Too cute!

I’ve also made a few easy book marks myself!

My planner is decorated pretty plainly compared to others out there. In fact, there are some pretty talented peeps that make a living decorating their planner. Who knew?

My happy planner is so pretty and versatile that it makes getting ready for the New Year fun!

Until next time….



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