Goat Milk Soap Class

Goat Milk soap

A few weeks ago, my friend Shelli sent out a shout out on Facebook. Who would like to go to a goat milk soap class with her?

I told her that I would love to take the class with her, but wondered why would you want to use Goat Milk Soap over other soaps?

Goat soap, soap holders, towel

There are suppose to be many benefits of Goat Milk Soap for skin.

Goat Milk has many essential nutrients and has deep moisturizing properties. ( Which as I get older this girl needs!)

It provides a deep yet gentle cleanse, while providing anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

Uh, hello? Who doesn’t need that?

Along with containing anti-bacterial properties, it also protects your skin from the sun.

soap holder

The people teaching the class were Stone City Farm from Tenino, Washington.

Super helpful and friendly!

They also provided soap and soap holders for sale at the end of the class.

I couldn’t resist buying a few!

goat milk soap instructions

When we arrived, the instructors had everything ready for us.

We started by putting on protective eye wear, aprons and glasses.

Next, we were asked to choose an essential oil and an exfoliant to add to our soap.

I chose lavender essential oil and oatmeal.

goat milk and lye

The first thing we did after donning our aprons, gloves and protective eye wear, was mix the frozen goat milk with lye.

goat milk soap

I won’t bore you with all the details but I will say that we spent most of our time mixing and mixing and mixing.

women making soap
My friend Shelli

Once the lye and goat milk was mixed.

We took our oil and added essential oil and exfoliant.

Then we mixed the goat milk mixture with the oil mixture.

And mixed, and mixed…..

making Goat milk soap

Once we had it mixed properly, we poured our soap into a mold that they provided.

Goat milk Soap

Ta Da! The finished product.

Now, we wait for 2 days before taking the soap from the mold to cut it into bars.

Goat milk Soap Class

I have to say that it was a fun class!

It helped that the class was held at a local brewery and there were libations to sample, even though I am not much of a beer drinker.

goat milk soap in mold

This is what the soap looked like after 2 days.

goat milk soap

I carefully removed it from the mold.

At this point, it is still not totally set.

cutting goat milk soap

Then sliced it into bars, using a non-serrated knife.

Goat Milk soap

Now, my soap has to sit for 6 weeks!

I’m not sure I can wait that long!

Until, next time…

Goat Milk Soap Class


  1. Nice job. I make soap as a hobby and it was good to see proper instructions and methods used in your class. That is not always the case. Yes, waiting the full cure time before using the soap can be a drag….if you really would like to try your bars you can slice off small piece and use it. It just won’t last as long. As long as the oil/lye ratio is correct it won’t be lye heavy which can range from irritating to burning of the skin. But I suspect the class was given accurate ratios. To do otherwise would be the death of a business. It can become a hobby very fast.

    1. Dee thanks for the info. I think I may just slice off a piece and give it a try. I certainly love this hobby and plan on making more!

    1. Terrie I’m not sure if Cracker Barrel has it, but that’s a great idea! I know that Cindy – County Road 407 says that she buys that soap for her husband. She might have a great place to purchase. I’ll check with her!

      1. Oh my! There are many ethical, reputable small soap makers that would love to sell you their products. There are certain guidelines and standards to look for when buying from small business soap makers. My opinion if they can’t follow or worse don’t know about the standards and guidelines then I don’t trust they are doing the correct method or have full knowledge to make and sell to the public. Always, look for complete and correct labeling….if they can’t do that walk away. Must have weight, ingredients and complete contact information for the soap maker on each and every bar. And they can not make claim other than it is soap. No claims to treat anything! I could toss out a couple of soap makers and I have nothing to gain….just some that I have purchased from when my soap is low or I just like the looks or scent of theirs. I’m strictly a hobby soap maker…much easier 🙂 And milk soap can be cow, sheep too. Good Luck finding hand made soap…..you will love it good soap.

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