Fall Front Porch

fall front porch

On a recent trip to my sister’s house, we decided to break out her fall decor and create a fall front porch!

For those of you who haven’t seen my sister’s front porch before, it’s an old craftsman bungalow that has a ton of charm and a lot of patina!

Actually, her house is in the neighborhood that we grew up in and has large trees, big sidewalks and quaint homes.

fence post pumpkins

Before we started decorating we did a little planning ,shopping and crafting.

These cute pumpkins were made out of left over fence posts.

Fall truck pillow

Believe it or not, we scored some super cute outdoor pillows at WalMart!

fall pillow

Both were $5.00!

pumpkins, asters, pillows

Our decorating vision included corn stalks tied with beautiful ribbon to the front porch posts flanked by mums and pumpkins.

Honestly, in the heart of Oklahoma you would think that it would be easy to find corn stalks, but no!

We even sent out a plea on social media asking where we could find corn stalks?

The most common answer? In a corn field.

Well, duh!

rocking chairs mums, and pumpkins

We scored big time on these HUGE mums.

They were each $10.00

Here in North Texas these mums would easily have been $25.00 or more!

rocking chairs, pillows, mums

These comfy rocking chairs are a new addition to the front porch.

My sister plans on painting them white sometime in the future, however for now they fit her fall theme perfectly!

We tied orange bandanas around her summer pillows for a inexpensive fall look.

rocking chairs, porch, mums and pumpkins

The purple asters may possibly be my favorite fall flower.

So bright and pretty!

My sister’s fall front porch just yells “It’s fall, come on over and sit for awhile!”.

Honestly, we did spend quite a bit of “sitting” time on this front porch.

In fact, it was hard to do much of anything else.

Until next time….


  1. It’s not looking much like fall here in Southeast Georgia; we are still sweltering in, hopefully the last of summer’s heat. But looking at your sisters porch made me feel optimistic that maybe there’s good reason to hope. You two made her porch so welcoming with those touches of orange and red and those rocking chairs………well they look mighty inviting.

    1. Shirley the summer heat isn’t letting up much here in North Texas either… The humidity is awful! Hopefully, you and I will see some fall soon. Have a great week!

  2. I don’t know about you but when I go to someone’s house and they ask for help or just want to do some decorating, I love it. But rarely does anyone ask. 🙁 They think I do it all day and don’t want to do it when I go over to their house. Which is totally untrue. I could do it all day!

    I love how your sisters front porch turned out. the bright colors, the rug and pillows. And wowza on the inexpensive finds. I need to check Walmart more often. Totally forget about that place. I usually stay on the food side and that’s it. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit.

    1. Thank goodness my sisters let me do a little decorating every now and then. I usually don’t hit WalMart either unless I’m at their houses. El Reno is a small country town 30 miles west of Oklahoma City and there aren’t any other places to shop. Unless we go to the City. (Oklahoma City) I’m amazed that I occasionally find some really cute stuff there!

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