Guest Bedroom Closet Organization


Guest Bedroom closet organizationHappy Wednesday! Today I’m talking guest bedroom closet organization. My friend Terrie at Decorate With Tip And More and I are back in our guest bedrooms and we have a few organizational tips. Not the pretty over the top Pinterest kind, but the practical, hard working kind.

messy closet

I’ve been really bad about keeping my guest bedroom closet tidy and organized since Christmas.

I mean really bad!

Things got tossed in here with the intent of finding a spot for it later.

messy closet

Well, later is today!

I took everything out of the closet, cleaned the closet from top to bottom and began organizing and



under bed storage

Under Bed Storage Bags

The first thing I did was to go through and organize all of the pillows and pillow covers.

All of my pillow covers in the closet- as well as in my dresser – fit perfectly into these under bed storage bags.

white hangers


Since my son stores some of his clothing at my house I decided to put everything on matching hangers.

pillow organization and matching hangars

Not only does it look better, but clothing hangs better when put on the sam size hangers!

I did leave his suites on the wooden hangers that he likes to hang them on.

If you look above the hangers you can see some of the pillow organization!

Door hanger organization

Door Hangers

The door hangers originally were to the left of the closet door on the floor.

They drove me crazy here!

Due to the fact that they are all different sized and shapes they did not stand up well, and always fell over and got in the way.

My solution?

Hang them on a clothing rod!

Originally I thought to hang them using shower curtain hooks, however they hung crooked from them.

So using left over ribbon I tied them to the rod.

Easy to tie them on and take them off!

Toy Organization

Toy Organization

For the most part I used existing shoe boxes that I bought at the Dollar Tree.

I tossed out boxes a lot of the toys came in and stored them in these stacking boxes.

I also used a few photo boxes that I had.

The rest was neatly stacked and are ready to play with.

Art organization

Wall Decor

Wall decor was sorted, purged, rehired and finally what was left was returned to the far right of the closet!

messy closet

One more time…. here’s the before…

clean closet floor

And the after!

It’s amazing how just a little time and very little money can change a space!

Guest bedroom closet organization has never been easier.

If you’d like to see a quick video of the closet organization, you can see it here.

Terries storage

Also, be sure and check out Terrie’s organization project here.

Until next time….



Guest Bedroom closet organization

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