Guest Bedroom Nightstands

dresser decor

Hey y’all! Today my friend Terrie at Decorate With Tip And More and I are finally getting to the fun part in our Room by Room series. We are decorating our guest bedroom nightstands. Or in my case my guest bedroom dresser!
guest bedroom charging station

Charging Station

Before we get to the pretty part, let’s talk about functionality.

I’ve slept a few nights in this room to determine if my guest would be comfortable and one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was there was no charging station.

So I ordered this one , had The Hubs drill a hole in both the drawer and the back of the dresser, and ran the charging cable through the holes.

Once the station was adhered to the drawer using double sided table it was ready for guests!

white vase and flowers

Floral arrangement

Now if I could I would always have fresh flowers in this room, however that’s not always possible.

So I added in this white vase, plopped in some flowers and placed it on a lift that I made awhile back.

The faux flowers are easily removed when it’s time to add the fresh ones!

dresser decor


Now whether it’s a guest bedroom nightstand or a dresser a room always needs a couple of things.

Something to make it smell nice and something pretty!

To make the room smell wonderful I have this essential oil diffuser.

Not only is she pretty, she works hard too!

A pillow spray from bath and body  in lavender insures a good nights sleep!

All of these placed on a tray that helps corral all the smalls and gives my guest somewhere to put jewelry, hair ties, etc..

blue and white picture frame

Something Personal

I also like to add something persona to the mix.

In this case, I added a blue and white ceramic photo from from Mikasa.

Why not pop in a photo of you and your guests having a great time?

Nothing like a fun memory to make a person feel at home!

wi-fi password

Wi-Fi Password

And last I always add in my Wi-Fi password.

My guest bedroom nightstand / dresser works hard but looks great doing it!

Please come back next week when I will be sharing my new guest room bedding.

Now I’m off to see what Terrie’s nightstands look like.

I hope that you will join me because you know the girl does not disappoint!

decorated nightstand

Decorate With Tip And More

Until next time…


Guest Bedroom nightstand

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  1. We thought a like on some items guest needs, love the idea of keeping the power strip in the drawer and the Wi-Fi password. You are so clever! Thanks for sharing all your neat ideas for the bedroom. Can’t wait to see it all put together.

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