Guest Bedroom Focal Wall

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Welcome to week 4 of the $100 Room Challenge.  I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since we started the challenge! If I had to name last week it would be Guest Bedroom Focal Wall. Why? Well, we will get to that in a minute.

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The past few days have been rainy.

Which has made it hard to take photos and paint!

My plan for the week was to paint the dresser and nightstands  and finish up the artwork and accessories.

But, every time I walked into the guest room I kept thinking that the room still needed something more.


guest bedroom wall

And then it hit me, I needed a focal wall.

After a little research,  I thought that a focal wall featuring wooden strips would be perfect.

The design could be kept simple, as this is a small room, and it would keep the cost low.

I decided to go with 2 foot squares that were sectioned off with strips of bender board.


applying bender boards

Bender board allowed us to put it right on the wall without having to remove the moldings.

The Hubs looked at the design, measured, cut the boards and had them up on the wall in less than 2 hours.


Bender board wall

Once the bender board was upon on the wall, it was time to caulk and paint.

Honestly, I was  shocked at how easy that turned out to be.

This entire wall took a half a day to install and paint.

We used 9 – 8 foot x 3 3/4″ x 1/4″  boards at $2.75 each.


Next, I started painting the nightstands.

Honestly, I went WAY out of my comfort zone here.

green nightstand

Instead of leaving them white, I painted them a bright emerald green.

I know...

So far my sister and my BFF are loving it, but I’m reserving my elation until I see the dresser completed and everything is put together.

nightstand, bed, focal wall, sconces

The wall sconces are installed, however still need to add my CordMates to hide the lamp wall cords.


Guest Bedroom focal wall

Finally, my guest bedroom focal wall is perfect!

This next week is going to be a busy one for sure.

I may be working down to the finish line!


So how much have I spent?

This week I spent $24.75.

Which leaves me with a grand total of $10.57 to finish up the rest of the room.

Wish me luck!

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Tammy from Patina and Paint


    1. Awww… thank you! I’m always a little nervous when I get out of my comfort zone. Keep telling myself it’s good for me!

  1. The wall looks fantastic! Great job to you and the hubby on that project. The nightstand color looks so good with the navy blue of the bedding- I am with sister and BFF- I really like it!

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