Painting Fall Pumpkins

wooden pumpkin

Painting Fall pumpkins is one of my favorite things to do.

Every year I find something new to paint on my pumpkins whether they are real, faux, wooden, plastic, canvas or styrofoam.

Really, with pumpkins, the possibilities are endless!

A few years ago I shared how to paint a pumpkin, if you missed it you can see how to here.

I recently found the perfect blank wooden pumpkin for a front door hanger at Hobby Lobby.

I couldn’t wait to get started painting!

painting a wooden pumpkin turquoise

Step 1 was to remove the twine loop at the top and give the pumpkin a light sanding.

I won’t bore you with the painting details, I’ll just give you the highlights.

If you want to see how to paint them in detail, hit up the link I shared earlier!

Starting on my left, I paint in the shape of a “C”.

I continue each “C” until I hit the middle section, where I paint an oval shape.

Then on my right side I work my way to the middle painting reversed “C”s.

This creates the indentations on the pumpkin.


When painting my pumpkins I rarely clean out the brush.  For this pumpkin I used a dark turquoise, turquoise and white.

By not cleaning my brush it creates many different colors of the turquoise which gives it depth.

Painted turquoise pumpkin


Once my turquoise was painted, I added some white and orange highlights.

Then, it was time to paint my stem.

Again, I used a dark brown, medium brown and white.

pumpkin collage

There are several ways to add the word “welcome” to my door hanger.

I could have used vinyl, however I didn’t have any permanent vinyl on hand so I decided to paint it on.

So, I did what I did in grade school when I wanted to transfer a design.

I drew the word welcome, then flipped the paper over and ran a pencil over the back of the paper where the word was written.

Once that was done, I flipped the paper back over and placed it where I wanted the word to be on my pumpkin.

Then, using a stylus, I traced the word.

welcome pumpkin

After that it was just a matter of painting between the lines!

Once my paint dried, I reattached the twine and added a few burlap leaves.

At this point, the only thing that my pumpkin needed to be finished was a colorful bow!

Pumpkin door hanger


My door hanger was ready to be hung.

painted pumpkins

Of course, I couldn’t just paint one!

I painted these smaller pumpkins using the same technique, only this time I painted on leaves and on the smaller one a fun leopard design.

painted fall pumpkins

Painting Fall pumpkins couldn’t be easier or more fun!

Until next time….

Painting Fall Pumpkins


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