Guest Room Update

guest room, blue bed

It’s time for a guest room update! A few weeks ago I shared with you my plans for this guest room.

At the time, I thought that it would be a piece of cake.

However, due to supply issues and my indecision it hasn’t been as effortless as decorating a room normally is for me.

Just a reminder, this is how my room looked before.


Completed Items

So what have I checked of my list of things to do?

I painted the headboards white and set up the beds.

Remember the art prints that I fell in love with from BallardsDesign?

Well, I found them on Etsy for under $25.00.

I couldn’t be happier with them.

The bedding I ordered came in, however I’m not thrilled with it, but since I didn’t find anything in my price range that I loved I will be keeping it for now.

two different curtain choices


With all of the things checked off my list, it was time to set up the room.

I had planed on keeping the blue and white patterned curtains that were in the room, but once the beds and dresser were in place I wasn’t so sure I liked them.

I knew with my budget that new curtains were out.

So I started looking in my stash.

The only curtains in the entire house that would work were my breakfast room curtains.

So I brought one in and hung it up to see which I liked the best.

pillow shams

Pillows on the Bed

My second issue came with the bed pillows.

I had these two shams set up on the bed because the navy one matches the quilt and the white one matches the bedskirt.

But I hated the empty space on either side.

It just looked off.


So I removed the navy sham and set up two 20 inch pillows behind the white one.

I loved the look.

Now I just needed to decide what fabric I wanted on those pillows.

choosing pillow fabric

If I went with the floral curtains this navy and white buffalo plaid would be cute.

choosing pillow fabric

So Would this one.

navy curtains and pillows

However, if I went with the navy and white curtains I would need something like this pillow to make all of the colors and patterns work.

It became clear that I needed to make a decision on my curtains.

floral curtains

So what did I decide to do?

I went with the floral.

If I wanted to keep the green in the room I decided that I needed the green in the curtains to tie it all together.

curtain rod

The existing curtain rod had seen better days, so I ordered this one with new curtain rings.

I LOVE it!Guest room bedding and curtains

So I still have a ways to go to get my guest room done.

However, I now have deadline.

My sisters, Beep and my niece are all coming in 2 weeks.

Time to get it all pulled together.

Another guest room update or rather a guest room reveal will be happening soon!

Until next time…


Guest Room Update

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