Jewelry Organization


jewelry organization

When Terrie  from Decorate And More With Tip mentioned that she was working on her jewelry organization and wondered if I would like to do an Organize With Us video on it too, I couldn’t say YES fast enough.

collage before organizing jewelry

Since we moved in 2 years ago I quickly discovered that all of my jewelry organizers didn’t fit the cubbies in the new house like they did in the old one.

I basically just shoved them into the cubbies and decided to deal with it later.

Well, it’s later and it’s way past time to deal with it.

So embarrassing!

acrylic jewelry boxes

You can see the Organize With Us video of my jewelry organization here.

In the video I promised to give you all of the deets on all the new items.

So here we go!

Peel and Stick wallpaper

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

I found these peel and stick wallpaper sheets at the Dollar Tree!

Yes, I said the Dollar Tree.

They weren’t listed on line, but I did find them in the store.

I had no idea they carried them!

Cubby with peel and stick wallpaper

They were the exact width of my cubbies, but weren’t quite tall enough.

No worries though, as it was super easy to match up and cut!

And it sure takes my cubbies up to the next level.

Other than how pretty it looks, the best part is the price.

$1.25 X 4 = $5.00.

That’s a bargain!

LED Motion lights

LED Motion Sensor Lighting

This may be my favorite thing that I added to this area in my closet.

You can find them here.

I love them so much  that I’m planning on adding them to other areas of our closet.

Even The Hubs loves them.

The cubbies were super dark.

Now it’s so easy to see all of my jewelry.

They are game changers!

 360 Jewelry/ Earring Holder

This  earring holder was one of the first pieces that I bought.

I love that it rotates 360 degrees, so that I can see all of my earrings.

It has places to hold both fish hook earrings and post earrings.

It has 156 holes and 166 indentations to hang your earrings.

That’s a lot of earrings.

AND it’s under $15.00!

jewelry organizer


Acrylic Jewelry Boxes

I am so in love with these acrylic jewelry boxes that I received for Christmas.

They were on my wish list and I am so happy that I got both of them.

Jewelry organization

They hold everything from my rings, to bracelets, to watches and they are stackable.

The perfect organizers in my book.

Plus, they look so good!

They come in Tan and Grey colors.

earring organization

That wraps up  my new jewelry organization.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to see all of my jewelry and that it fits perfectly in the cubbies.

I’ve worn jewelry that I haven’t seen in years!

Be sure to head to Terrie’s and watch her video and then check out her blog to see where she got all of her organization tools.

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Jewelry Organization

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    1. Thanks Terrie! I am loving the organization. So much that I REALLY want to re-do the rest of the closet but that’s not in the cards right now. Gotta get the hubby on board soon though!

  1. Tammy,
    I am a friend and devout fan of Terrie’s but had to tell you I am ordering those lights today! Thank You!!! I have under the counter lighting that was a plug in and failed. These lights will do the trick of lighting my dark countertops without having to be plugged in.

    I just love you jewelry cubbies and the way you organized them.

    1. Lauren I am so glad that sharing the lighting helps. My closet was so dark – these are perfect for this area. I love them so much that I am going to put them in other areas of the closet! Thanks so much for visiting!

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