Halloween in the Living Room

Happy October! We are big on Halloween here at the castle. I’ve been decorating for Halloween in the living room for awhile now. I finally have it done!

Believe it or not, I actually cut back on the decorating extravaganza this year! Normally you would find floating ghosts, Skeletons, spider webs and all sorts of craziness.

My Halloween mantle is super fun.

My favorite piece is my “got candy” banner. It was new last year. Unfortunately, when I went to pull it out this year, I couldn’t find it. After tearing my house apart, sending out a BOLO, and asking all who live here what they did with it, I gave up ever finding it.

Then, a few days ago, I was pulling out a pumpkin that I keep in my decorating closet and guess what? I found the banner!  Eye roll. Sometimes I am too organized for my own good.

The past few years I’ve been drawn to retro Halloween decor. This sweet cat reminds me of Halloween decor when I was young.

I have two new additions to my mantle this year. One, is the wool pom pom string. I loved this strand so much that I bought it in fall colors.  It is a bonus that I can use it on both my Halloween and fall mantle.

The second new item this year is my light up pumpkin. I already shared him with you, but if you missed it you can find him here.

My coffee table is full of pumpkins, a haunted house and my very own spell book!

The spell book is cute, not creepy. You open it up and a witch cackles “Want some candy?”

Unfortunately, yes I do! I need to start buying candy that I don’t like.

My stair rail is much cuter in person. Every year I struggle to get good pictures of it. I asked my son, who is a photographer, how I could get better pictures of it. His response: ” Get new decorations.”

Not helpful. At all.

This candy bowl ( are you seeing a theme here?) lights up and slowly changes colors. It’s like one beautiful night sky.

I keep the candy bowls empty until closer to Halloween. Funny thing is, I don’t even like sweets, but put a Heath bar or a frozen Snicker bar in front of me at Halloween and I’m helpless!

That concludes my tour of Halloween in the living room.

Until next time……


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