• Painted stacked pumpkins
    Halloween,  Halloween decor

    Painted Stacked Pumpkins

    I’ve been drooling over painted stacked pumpkins for years. I would see them everywhere I went. Each and everyone of them would scream my name. Only, there was one big problem. They all cost more than my Halloween budget allowed.…

  • Halloween Pillows and a giveaway
    Halloween decor

    Halloween Pillows And A Giveaway

    I love Halloween! I know that not all of you do, however it is one of my family’s most fun holidays. Since I love it so much, I thought that I would share some Halloween pillows and a giveaway! “The…

  • Broom Parking sign
    Halloween decor

    Broom Parking Sign

    It’s raining here. Again. Or should I say still. Today was the day to decorate my Halloween front porch, however since it’s so wet I thought my time would be better spent in the craft room. No, I’m not building…

  • Easy halloween Place Card
    Halloween,  Halloween decor

    Easy Halloween Place Cards

    A few weeks ago, I shared my Halloween Table with you.  I’m always on the look out for fun, inexpensive ways to present my place cards. This year, I found what I think are some really fun and easy Halloween…

  • it's been a bad week
    Halloween,  Halloween decor

    It’s Been A Bad Week

    It’s been a bad week here at the castle.  After a fun filled weekend in Oklahoma, I came home with a bug. The only thing I’ve gotten done is the beginnings of getting the partio spruced up for fall! In…

  • witchy halloween dining table
    Halloween,  Halloween decor

    Witchy Halloween Dining Table

    When you enter the castle, one of the first things that you see is the dining room. It’s also one of the first places that I start decorating for holidays. Since it’s October, it’s time to set my Halloween table.…

  • halloween tin
    Halloween,  Halloween decor

    Cute not Creepy

    I can’t believe that October is just around the corner. I feel like I just got my pumpkins out and cooler temperatures have barely begun. A few days ago, I pulled out the Halloween decor and started planning where it…

  • Halloween Mantle
    Halloween,  Halloween decor

    Halloween Mantle

    It’s officially fall. Finally! I’ve been waiting awhile for it. Here at the castle, we start off with a small amount of fall decor, swing into October with an overload of Halloween, and finally settle in for  a more traditional…

  • What I did over the Weekend
    Halloween decor

    What I Did Over the Weekend

    Morning all! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I know that I did. So come on in and let me share with you what I did over the weekend. I would love to tell you that I…

  • Halloween decor

    Halloween in the Living Room

    Happy October! We are big on Halloween here at the castle. I’ve been decorating for Halloween in the living room for awhile now. I finally have it done! Believe it or not, I actually cut back on the decorating extravaganza…

  • Halloween decor

    Heidi Swapp’s Marquee Pumpkin

    When it comes to crafts, some days I want to be like Martha Stewart. Then there are other days I want my crafts to be a little more fun and laid back.  Heidi Swapp’s Marquee Pumpkin kit is perfect for…

  • fall decor,  Halloween decor

    Charger Makeover

    Okay, I admit it, I’m weak when it comes to fall and Halloween decorations. I can’t help myself. Shopping for new items to spruce up my fall table was turning out to be a challenge, especially in the charger department.…

  • Halloween decor

    Trick or Treat at the Castle

    I love trick or treat at the castle! It has always been one of my family’s favorite holidays. It is hard to believe that October is almost over! So today, I am sharing my Halloween decor with you  one last…

  • Halloween decor

    Sugar Skull Halloween Table

    My sugar skull Halloween table is so much fun! It’s bright, colorful and totally different from anything that I have ever done before.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. Right?

  • Halloween,  Halloween decor

    Halloween in the Dining Room

    After sharing my chalkboard ghosts with you, I couldn’t wait to show you Halloween in the dining room. We love Halloween here at the castle so we decorate the house in a huge way. This year is no exception! My…

  • Chalkboards,  Halloween,  Halloween decor

    Chalkboard Ghosts

    I’ve seen a lot of things made out of chalkboards, but never chalkboard ghosts! I was at Michaels a few months ago and found these blackboard shapes that were on sale for 80% off. I’m not sure what they were…

  • Halloween,  Halloween decor

    Halloween Mantle

    For the first time in many years I changed the decor of my Halloween mantle. I think it is safe to say that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at the castle. We love to decorate, make our…

  • Halloween decor

    Halloween Table

    I see dots! All over my Halloween Table… I didn’t plan on my Halloween table to have so many “dots”, but once I noticed that I was using quite a few, I just quit fighting it. The more the merrier,…