Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree

Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow the ladies from Decorate With Us will be sharing our Fall Home Tours with you. Which means decorating for Fall is done. It also means it’s time for me to start making a few crafts for Halloween. Today I’ve got a cute, easy and inexpensive Halloween Tree for you.

Before we get started I just want to say that I know that not all of you  like or celebrate Halloween.

I get it.

There is just something about the fun of little ( or big)  kids dressing up, the candy and how much joy my grown kids get out of me decorating for Halloween that keeps me doing it!

Also, my decor is always cute, not creepy, gory or bloody.

Those are hard no’s for me!

With that said, let’s get started on making a Halloween Tree.

Tree decorating supplies


2 mini Trees

1 mini sting of lights

1 sleeve of bulbs


1 Cat Tree Topper

1 package of spiders

Halloween garland

Black zip ties


orange and black tree

Step 1

Take the two trees and spread out the branches leaving the back of each one flat.

removing tree bottom

Put the tree stand legs on one of the trees.

Remove the based of the other tree.

Tieing two trees together

Put the flat sides together and attach them to each other with zip ties.

Cut off excess ends of zip ties.

Halloween Tree with lights

Step 2


Just like decorating a Christmas tree, put the string lights on the tree.

Next put on the garland.

Adding ornaments to a Halloween Tree

Step 3

Now it’s time to decorate!

I started with the bulbs.

Adding spiders to a Halloween Tree

Then, placed the spiders into any “holes” that I had.

Adding bows to the tree

Step 4

Add bows.

Simply tie bows from ribbon of your choice and add to the tree.

This creates color and adds texture.

Step 5

Next, place the tree topper on the tree.

It looked a little lonely so I added a bow to the bottom of the tree topper.

These toppers are supper cute and come in 4 different designs: a witch, a raven, a cat and a bat.

Thank goodness my store only had the cat because it would have been hard to choose from the cuteness.

Tree collars

In searching for links to share with you I came across these tree collars!

Sadly, my store did not have these.

I will definitely be on the look out for one of these.

I think my Halloween Tree turned out pretty cute and hope that it inspires you to have fun when decorating for Halloween!

Until next time…


Halloween Tree

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