Hand Painted Glasses

Painted glasses 5

Before I painted furniture, I painted glasses…. Hard to believe that is a real job, but it is.  I really loved it, until it became really hard to find my favorite paint and that fact that over time everyone and their dog was selling glasses everywhere for $2.99!  So I moved on to painting furniture.  Which I love even more!  I was recently looking at Pinterest and saw that painting dots on glassware was one of the “crafty” things trending right now and thought – why not? Here is my Pinterest hack on hand painted glasses!

Painted glasses

As you can see in the past my designs were a bit more detailed.  These aren’t even some of my more complicated glassware.  The great thing about the “dot” design is that you don’t have to be an artist to paint these! No intimidation!

Painted glasses 2

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I decided to use colors that I knew I could use with my holiday decor. I chose red, white and gold. I grabbed an extra wine glass that I had in my glassware stash and started painting.

In the Pin they used sharpie pens.  I didn’t have sharpies and was in too big of a hurry to start painting to go buys some, plus I had leftover paint that was just sitting there so I decided to use that. I used the handle end of a brush to dip into the paint and make my “dots”. I thought that painted “dots” on the glasses would be a breeze.  And it was – until my A.D.D. kicked in! My “dots” quickly became “spots”.  But you know what? I kind of like that even better. I quit worrying about making perfect dots and just enjoyed the creative process. Super easy and after I got over my perfectionist self, it went quickly.

Painted Glasses 1

Here is a picture of the Christmas glasses I that I have used in the past.  I still like them but sometimes you just need to shake things up a bit.

Painted glasses 4

Here is my finished product.  (Sorry not the best photo of it – it’s  kind of hard to photo glassware!)  I like it and will probably make more for my holiday table.


1.  It was super easy!  On a scale of 1 to 10 – this is a one.

2.Also, I didn’t have to worry about what the inside of the glass looked like! In the past when painting glasses I had to make sure that the back of the painting, on the inside of the glass, was as pretty as the front.  I mean, who wants to look down into a glass and see ugly messy paint? My “spots” looked almost exactly the same on the inside as the outside. That I like.

Painted glasses 2

SEE? 🙂

I am ready to grab other stemware and use different colors for everyday. They would be great as party favors ( think dollar tree glasses), girls night in, Pokeeno, Bunko… well, the list is endless.

My friend Sally runs away screaming when we mention  having a girls craft night. Not. Her. Thing!  But even Sally would enjoy this. I think!  This is so easy even the craft impaired will have fun. So get your craft on!

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