Handmade Christmas Gifts

Happy November! Can you believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner? With cooler weather, it puts me in the mood to make a few handmade Christmas gifts.

ten on the 10th

It’s also the perfect time for Ten on the 10th! I can’t wait to see what Christmas gift ideas my blog friends have this month!

napkin ring

I’m almost embarrassed to call this first project handmade.

Well, almost.

However, it is my favorite!

I found these napkin rings 50% off at Hobby Lobby.

vintage pins

Recently, I found a bucket full of vintage ear bobs and pins.

Wouldn’t these make the cutest Christmas napkin rings?

napkin ring

First, you need to remove the pin closer from the back of the pin.

napkin ring

Next, glue the pin onto the napkin ring with an epoxy glue.

Handmade Christmas Gifts


So stinking easy!

Handmade Christmas Gifts

I think 4 of these would make the perfect gift for hostesses, friends, neighbors or teachers.

Maybe, even as a treat for yourself!

So, how much did they cost?

Since I already had the glue and the pins were a find, each napkin ring cost $1.50 plus tax!

key chain

Next up, wine or beer cork keychains.

I was gifted this wine cork key chain and thought they would be a fun gift to make for my wine and beer enthusiast friends.



Step one, find a cork that you love.

cork and washer

Step two, place a 1/4 inch washer on one end of the cork.

cork and washer

Then, put a 3/16 washer on top of that.

handmade christmas gifts

Next, screw a eye screw into the end of the cork in the center of the washers.

Repeat this on the other end of the cork.

key chain

Finally, put a key ring through one of the eye screws on one end.

key chains

Now, you are ready to decorate your key chains!

key chain

As you can see, they are super easy and cute!

I hope that I inspired you to try making a few handmade Christmas gifts of your own!

Until next time….


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    1. Thank you Stacey. I have to say I love the napkin rings so much that I’m scrounging for more pins so that I can keep these and gift some others! lol Bad Santa that I am!

  1. I love both these ideas. The cork key rings are an especially great ideas for the guy on your list!

    Unrelated: I’m impressed you craft and have gorgeous nails.😉

    1. Lisa I can’t believe I’m sharing this, but the nails are glue ons! KISS makes the best ones and they look really good. I only put them on for special occasions. Normally my nails are okay but between washing my hands so much and paint… they do take a beating!

  2. Tammy , those napkin rings are just so darn cute. Love, love them. Will have to look at Hobby Lobby for the gold ones next week. Will also keep my eye out for old Christmas pins. The cork idea is awesome. I hate to admit how many of those I could make!!

    1. Siana hot glue would work short term however I think it would peel off of the slick napkin ring. It would work long enough for a dinner party…. I think. lol

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