My House is in Transition

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My House is in transition!  You know, when your between decorating seasons, but ready to gear up for another one? Thankfully, Halloween is put away and fall is down to a bare minimum. I’m totally gearing up to get my Christmas on!

My house is in transition

The fall front porch is staying until the last possible minute to decorate for Christmas. I love the decorative cabbage, the pansies and the sweet faces of the violas!

Last week was a doozy!

The cooktop caught on fire and had to be replaced.

My husband was stung by a bee, on the inside of his mouth!

So by the time Friday came around, we were so ready for some fun.

We hit the Friday night lights to watch this sweet girl celebrate her Senior night.

Cam is having the best Senior year!

table runner

While  we were in Oklahoma, a little time was carved out for some retail therapy.

This table runner is so soft.

Honestly, I just want to curl up in it.

We came home refreshed, only to find this.

Apparently, we had rain and high winds while we were gone.

The sun sails were hung with heavy duty wire, however it didn’t survive the storm.

Neither did the fence.

The only thing holding the fence up, at this point, is the passion vine!

We knew it needed to be replaced, but it’s been raining. A lot.

Thank goodness we have a long weekend coming up to make repairs.


my house is in transition

In the mean time, I’m going to be working on a few projects.

This is the beginnings of The Queens annual Christmas party invitations.

craft supplies

I can’t wait to start this craft project!

vintage pins

I am in love with the project that involves these vintage pins!


And last, yesterday I made red check pillow covers.

Today, I hope to make black buffalo check ones.

Do you see a theme?

The white fur pillow, behind the red check, is a new purchase from At Home.

The pillow was so reasonably priced!

I wish that I had purchased two.

fall decor

So you see, my house is in transition!

A little of this, a little of that.

Hopefully, I will have finished the transition up soon and have lots of finished projects ready to share with you!

Until next time….


Tammy from Patina and Paint

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