Happy Fall



Happy Fall ya’ll! It is  officially time to decorate for fall.  I know… it is really 19 days until the official Fall season begins and if you are like me and live in the South the temperature let’s you know that it is still summer.  However, the powers that be, who ever they are ( big eye roll!), dictate that the beginning of September is the time to dust off the fall decor and get decorating!

If I am truly honest with you, I will admit that I love this time of year.  Especially IF we get a true Fall season.  I love the feel of fall in the air, the smell of pumpkins and spices, and all of the beautiful colors!  And don’t get me started on Halloween.  I love that decor too! The only thing I don’t like about Fall is that they drag out the Fall decor in all of the stores in June!  Get’s earlier ever year. GGGRRRRRRR….

So here’s the deal. I have gotten my Fall decor out of the attic, but honestly I am not ready to go full speed ahead yet.  I’m still enjoying being in the pool for a few more days.  So here is my one concession to decorating…. my kitchen table!


fall 3


This is where the family eats everyday so I try to make it pretty.  We deserve it!  Normally I stick with white plates, but my Fiesta dishes were callin’ my name. I may pull out the white in a few days, but today I am really loving the color! I decided to go with red, orange, brown, yellow and purple. Throw in some pumpkins and leaves and my table is done!  My motto in the kitchen, in all things, KEEP IT SIMPLE!


fall 2


Here is another angle.  Really simple, really easy. Now, like I said earlier, I may change my mind in a few days.  I just can’t help it.  I see something on Pinterest or out shopping that I LOVE and the next thing you know everything changes!

So for now, this is as far as I’ve gotten here at the Castle.  I know that my pool time is limited and that before long I will be itching to get my Fall on.  And when I do, ya’ll will be the first to know!


Until next time……


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