Happy Harvest Wreath

Dollar tree haul

Remember last week when I shared my Dollar Tree haul? I found so many good things, I couldn’t wait to get started using them. Today I’m sharing how I made a happy harvest wreath. It’s super easy, took less than 1 hour and cost under $20.00.

Wreath supplies

Here is a list of the supplies you will need:

One 18″ wire wreath – WalMart $2.77

1 1/2 rolls Burlap ribbon – Hobby Lobby $9.99 on sale 1/2 price.

Wire – free as I already had it in my studio

Ribbon for a bow – about 3.00. I bought 2 rolls of ribbon and made 3 bows.

Happy Harvest truck sign – Dollar Tree $1.00

This burlap ribbon is perfect for my wreath for a couple of reasons.

It’s a wire ribbon, which means that it will be easy to use and keep it’s shape.

Any pesky loops going the wrong way?

Simply twist it around to where you want it!

Also, I liked the lighter, more bleached out color of this ribbon.

Burlap ribbon wreath

I won’t bore you with the actual how to on this one.

However, in case you want to know how to make one, there are a ton of how to make a burlap wreath video’s on Youtube!

I found one to refresh my memory and I was surprised to see that the lady giving the tutorial said that it took about 10 minutes to make one of these wreaths.

She must be a ton speedier than I am for sure!

Honestly, I’d estimate it took me about 25 – 30 minutes to make this wreath.

While not hard to make, it is a little time consuming.

gold metallic paint

Once my wreath was made, it was time to add the embellishments.

This Happy Harvest truck sign from the Dollar Tree is definitely the star of this wreath.

I love everything about this sign with one exception.

The super shiny silver leaf that came on it.

However, that was a super easy fix.

I simply added a few coats of Martha Stewarts Multi-Purpose metallic gold paint.


To hang my sign onto my wreath I used about 12″ of light weight wire.

Fall bow

To give my wreath a little more color, I added this bow that has a ton of fall color.

Happy Harvest wreath

Honestly, I love my happy harvest wreath.

I can’t wait to hang it!

Now, if it would ever get cool enough here in North Texas to feel like fall that would be awesome.

Right now it’s 105 with no end in sight.

Come on fall!

Until next time….


    1. Thanks Rita! They really did have some cute things this year. You never know, sometimes it’s hit or miss for me!

  1. I’m not a burlap girl, but I must admit, Tammy ,…….this wreath is cute as pie. I was at Dollar Tree on Friday of last week and there was tons of cute fall stuff still there. I bought one cute item that I am planning to use on an outside project having to do with an old gate that has been waiting a long time for a little bit of love. The gate will be leaning against one of the big oak trees 🌳in our back yard and that are everywhere here in the Savannah, Georgia area. We have some really big Oak trees that are hundreds of years old down in the historic district……with hanging moss. B – U -T -FUL.

    1. Shirley those trees sound beautiful! I would love to see your gate when finished. If you get a chance send a picture!

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