Harry Potter Sweet 16 Party

If you are a Harry Potter fan I’ve got a story for you! Our niece was recently the star of her very own Harry Potter Sweet 16 party.

Our niece is a huge Harry Potter fan. Her mom has been creeping Pinterest for over a year now to find the perfect ideas for her daughter’s sweet 16 party. There were a ton of wonderful ideas, but not all could make the cut. I might be biased, but I think she picked the perfect ones!

We were so excited to be invited to attend the Hogwarts social event of the season. A Harry Potter sweet 16 party at my niece’s favorite place, Central Oklahoma Christian Camp was not to be missed.

We quickly sent our replies via Owl post.

On the day of the party we arrived, the gate code was 0934. Get it? 9 3/4.

The first thing we saw upon entering the party was Harry’s trunk, all packed and ready for Hogwarts!

The hall was divided up into different places that Harry loves to visit. The first was Honey Dukes sweet shop.

Honey Dukes is full of all sorts of sweet confections. Chocolate frogs, sliced snake, Bertie Botts beans are just a few of the wonderful things that were there for us to eat.

Harry Potter inspired cookies. So cute. So good.

And the cutest birthday cake ever! Not only was it cute, but it tasted good too.

Next we headed to the Wizard Garrick Olivander’s wand shop. As you know the wand chooses the wizard and today was no exception.  My sister-in-law made all 40 of these wands out of chop sticks, hot glue and paint.  They were so detailed and beautiful it was hard to believe that they weren’t hand carved!

Mr. Olivander and his assistant helped 40 witches and wizards find the perfect wand for themselves.

Next door to Olivander’s Wands was a tattoo parlor. House points were also given, and taken, here.

The Marvelous Miss M was the tattoo artist of the day. These tattoos are industrial strength. I know because I still have mine. No product I have tried seems to make a dent in removal. Guess I’m going to have to wait out for the magical spell, or curse, to disappear!

Once we had our wands and tattoos, we headed over to Professor Sprouts Garden.

There were lots of delicious and magical things to eat. Scrumptious!

After we ate, a visit to the Weasley’s Magic and Joke shop was just the thing to work off all of the food we ate. I love those silly teeth that hop around.  We did however, avoid the Nosebleed Nougats!

The local wizard jail, Azkaban Prison, held all sorts of bad witches and wizards.  Student “A” looks all nice and sweet, but apparently is quite ornery! Her mug shot proves it. My sweet sister-in-law had this photo booth set up for photo ops. Even my grown children had their photos taken.

We took a quick tour of Hogwarts and found all sorts of fun things. Dobby the house elf was in heaven with all of the mismatched socks.

The sorting hat is just waiting to put you into the correct house at Hogwarts.

We even saw a “howler” that a displeased parent sent to their child via owl. It was quit loud!

And last but not least this sweet frog was just begging to be kissed. Could it be a prince turned into a frog?

I think Miss C’s Harry Potter  sweet 16 party was a huge hit from beginning to end.  The party was the perfect blend of family, fun and all things Harry Potter. So much so, I ‘m thinking The Hubs should host a HP party for my next birthday! Okay, maybe not, but a girl can dream of magical castles, flying brooms and house elves that clean your house. Especially the house elves that clean your house!

Happy Harry Potter Birthday!








  1. The cutest party ever! So many details included to make it just perfect. I must say that I’ve seen some elaborately grown up parties for 16 year old’s…if you know what I mean. This makes me smile so much more. 🙂

    1. Helen,
      My niece and boys ( the boys are in their 30’s) both love Harry Potter! They are well written books – I kind of like him myself!

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