Heidi Swapp’s Marquee Pumpkin

heidi Swaps's Marquee PumpkinWhen it comes to crafts, some days I want to be like Martha Stewart. Then there are other days I want my crafts to be a little more fun and laid back.  Heidi Swapp’s Marquee Pumpkin kit is perfect for those days.

pumpkin marquee kit

Heidi’s kits come with everything that you need to make the project and are super easy to make!

I bought this kit last year at the end of the season on sale, but you can find one like it here.  After making it I really wish I had picked up a few more.

Included in your kit are: 1 light box, 1 orange glitter pumpkin cut out, a sheet of sticky black pumpkin face designs, light string and 1 package of bulbs.

I’m going to share how I made my marquee pumpkin with you, however that is NOT how the instructions tell you how to make it. I really should learn to read the instructions before starting!

Step 1: Put two AAA batteries into the battery housing.

Step 2: Here’s where I deviated the instructions.

Heidi’s instructions tell you to decorate the pumpkin shape as desired.

I placed my orange glitter pumpkin cut out into the box before decorating.

Step 3: Place bulb caps through each hole from the front of the shape.

Step 4: This is where I decorated the face.

It definitely would have been easier to have decorated the pumpkin shape before placing it into the box, however I wanted to see where the bulbs were visually before decorating.

Here’s my decorated pumpkin. So cute!!

If you wanted to put in different facial features, instead of using Heidi’s, no problem. The facial pieces are nothing more than black glitter foam with a sticky back. I’m pretty sure that they have this at my local craft stores. It would be super easy to grab a sheet of that and cut out whatever facial pieces that  you wanted to!

Step 5: Insert the lights into the bulbs.

Simply start with the light closest to the battery pack and string the lights according to the diagram provided in the box. Gently push the individual light into the bulb cap.

Ta Da! Your Heidi Swapp’s Marquee Pumpkin is finished!

I love these kits because they are super cute, fun and easy put together in a short amount of time.

Perfect for when you don’t want to – or can’t – be like Martha!

Until next time….


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