Hobby Lobby Fall Picks

Welcome door mat

We are still in the middle of Summer, however it’s already time to be thinking about Fall decor. On a recent trip to Hob Lob I found all sorts of inspiration for my Fall decor.  Today I’m sharing my Hobby Lobby Fall Picks with you in hopes that you find a little Fall inspiration!

Fall door mats

Door Mats

I’m always on the look out for seasonal door mats.

I do love a good layered door mat situation!

pumpkins at Hobby Lobby


Of course, Hobby Lobby has the usual pumpkins in abundance, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a few that made my Fall heart go pitter patter.

hobby lobby pumpkins

These colorful patterned pumpkins are full of texture and  are so pretty!

pumpkin table cloths

I loved that they also had additional decor items to match!

glass pumpkins

These colorful glass pumpkins will always be a favorite of mine!

Can you believe as much as I love them that I have never purchased any?

leather napkin rings

Napkin Rings

Last year we saw a lot of leather creeping it’s way into Fall decor and this year is no exception.

These napkin rings are a prime example.

olive napkin rings

I have a super soft spot for these olive branch napkin rings!

These would be beautiful on a Thanksgiving table.

fall garlands

Fall Colors

While I saw a lot of the usual black, white, and orange color palettes my eye was drawn to the mid-tone golds, amber, steel blues, soft greens and oranges!

These will undoubtedly be making an appearance here at The Castle!

fall velvet ribbons

And the velvet ribbons… so pretty!

cutting boards

The Usual Suspects

Of course you will still see a lot of wooden decor.

wooden leaves

Including these unusual wooden leaves cut out of tree bark.

stay Cozy Pillow

And finally one of my great weaknesses – pillows.

I love this one.

Frankly had this been a navy and orange one it might be sitting in my living room right now!

Bear backpack

Now while this next one isn’t strictly Fall, it is back to school and it’s adorable.

I found this adorable bear backpack!

They also had llamas, mermaids and all sorts of fun backpacks.

wind spinner

The last of my Fall Hobby Lobby picks isn’t even a Fall find, it’s on the Spring 66% off Sale.

This wind spinner is a perfect end of Summer purchase.

It makes me smile every time I see it happily spinning in the wind!

If you decide to head out to Hobby Lobby – happy shopping!

Until next time…


Hobby Lobby Fall Pics

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  1. Oh my! Those colorful pumpkins and the matching runner are so pretty. I live an hour away from HL, but I believe I must make a visit soon. Thanks for the sneak peak. 🍁🎃🌾🍂🎃

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