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Art room

Happy Friday! Today may be the most boring post I’ve ever posted, but it’s what I’ve been doing for the past few days.  Painting my art table. Which I’ve needed to do for the past six months. Procrastination is real!

Here’s what my art table looks like today.

On most days it’s got a ton of paint on the left side.

The middle has more than one project waiting to be done or ones that I’ve been working on.

It looks pretty, right?

Top of the art table

The problem?

The top is really a mess.

Lots of paint, globs of hot glue and worn spots where I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed.

unpainted art table

And this is the back side.

When we built it, it was designed to be up against the wall.

So it was never painted.

When we moved into this house, I put it against the wall, however, I’ve discovered that I like having it in the middle of the room where I can stand to do my projects.

paint, shelving, curio cabinet, printer

The first step in figuring out this mess, was to find a new home for all of my paints.

I found these  acrylic shelves and promptly put them up!

Each shelf holds  a ton of paints, however not nearly enough for all of mine so I will be ordering another set.

art table

The top was sanded and then the entire piece was painted SW Pure White.

And I love it!

Art room

Now my art table is clean, fresh and ready for me to start all new projects.

It’s so fresh and clean that I realize that there are a ton of other areas in my art studio that need a little organizing!

Until next time….


My Craft Table

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  1. I just started my craft room about 2 months ago. I still need a lot of organizing but it’s coming along. I am crafting some junk journals and I am in love with doing them. Very time consuming but so worth it. I love decorating my house as well, and of course my favorite time is Christmas. Can’t wait to see your Christmas decorations.

    1. I have looked at doing some junk journals and they look like they would be a lot of fun to make… I may have to give them a try. Having your craft room is just the BEST! Mine is always evolving but the best part is having room to do your crafts and being able to close the door – even if you aren’t finished!

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