Hobby Lobby Haul

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jar, pot holders, cutting board, rug

Happy first Tuesday of August!  When it’s so hot outside you melt just walking outside, what’s a girl to do? She goes shopping. In fact, all this week I’ll be sharing a few really great shopping trips. First up, my Hobby Lobby haul!

Before I go much further, I bought everything on sale.

We all know I love a good deal.

And boy, did I find some not just good, but great deals at 75% off!




Let’s start with these placemats.

I plan on reworking these for Christmas.

They were $1.75 a piece!



Y’all. These.

I think they ended up being $1.00 each.

Great for baking and I think they will be great in a basket full of kitchen stuff for a Christmas gift!



Speaking of baskets, these cloth rope baskets are perfect for gifts.

At around $2.00 each, they are pretty, practical and will hold a lot.


This sweet topiary coir door rug is one of my favorites.

AND it was only $5.00!

Paired with a black and white rug it will be the perfect “welcome” mat for guests.

kitchen towels

Dish Cloth

While very practical these happy red and white dish cloths were a super bargain.

They had several different bundles with different colors also.

silicone pot holders

Hot Pads

These silicone hot pads were a mere $1.25!

If they had had more, I’d have bought those too.

cutting boards

Cutting Boards

I saved two of the best items  I purchased for last.

These cutting boards had me the minute I saw them.

And the price?


They are are a great size and are made from Acacia wood.

I have plans for these… so stay tuned!

Blue and White Jar

Drum roll please….

This blue and white jar.

The price wasn’t marked, so I asked at the register.

The manager put a price tag of $7.54 on it.

I couldn’t buy it fast enough!

jar, pot holders, cutting board, rug

That’s it for my Hobby Lobby haul.

My suggestions for you?

Run to Hobby Lobby and find a few great deals for yourself!

Until next time….


Hobby Lobby Haul

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