How To Make A Faux Boxwood Wreath

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boxwood wreath

Hey! As I write this it is a beautiful, but cold, sunny afternoon. After days of dreary cold, wet weather the sunshine is so welcome for this girl. I did manage to get a few things done with my enforced confinement indoors. One of which, I want to share with you today. How to make a faux boxwood wreath.

boxwood wreath

I purchased this boxwood wreath on a trip to Magnolia years ago.

While it wasn’t terribly expensive, it wasn’t inexpensive either.

However, I use it all over the house.

I’ve been super surprised at how versatile this little wreath has been!

Boxwood Wreath

Shortly after the new year, my BFF Roxanne and I were doing a little shopping at JoAnne’s.

Across the isle I saw piles of what I thought were boxwood wreaths in the 70% off section.

Nope, not boxwood wreaths but tiny Christmas garland.

But it got me thinking.

Couldn’t I make these into wreaths?

Faux boxwood wreath

So, I cut the garland in half with wire cutters.

Faux Boxwood wreath

Then I rolled the garland back up, leaving about 2 inches that I wrapped around the wreath to hold it together.

At this point, I needed to make it look more wreath like.

Less “I rolled up garland to look like a wreath”.

My solution was to randomly hot glue the loops together.

boxwood wreath

Each of the rolls of garland made 2 mini faux boxwood wreaths.

Are they perfect?

No, but at a glance you can’t tell that they aren’t the real thing.

boxwood wreath

Wrapping a ribbon, adorned with hearts, around the wreath made them the perfect Valentine’s Day decorations for my kitchen chairs.

How to Make a faux boxwood wreath

Not only is this an easy project, the 2 wreaths cost me 1.50 plus tax.

Now that’s a bargain!

I can’t wait to show you the rest of my Valentine’s Day table. These mini wreaths just make the table look so festive.

How to make a faux boxwood wreath, y’all!

Until next time…..

Tammy from Patina and Paint